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Review Policy

Updated 6/25/08, 11/08; 10/9/09, 11/15/11, 1/27/12, 7/5/14, 10/24/16; 11/22/2019
In response to inquiries, here is our policy for summaries or reviews:

Books–We will consider for review print books, and as of 1/27/12, Kindle E-books, supplied to us as they are sold on Kindle, however, as is standard in the reviewing field, we cannot promise to review them. As of Jan 1, 2017, we no longer review  anthologies whose publishers offer no payment, either in money or in books, to contributors. (in our definition, a pdf doesn't count as a "copy." Copies of the book given to contributors must be in the same form as those being sold.) We have adopted this policy because we believe writers should be paid for their work. For print books we accept only the finished book as it is sold in stores. We do not accept pdfs for either print books or e-books.  The Kindle edition must sent as it is selling on Amazon (not just in a format sent to Amazon or which Amazon uses, whether .mobi or some other). Please contact us at one of contact methods listed in link above for instructions about how to send the Kindle edition. We prefer to receive books within 4 months of publication, although up to a year after publication is acceptable. (We have, in the past, made exceptions for books published before we began blogging.) Occasionally we will include information/opinion about a book published more than a year ago in a post which discusses the subject of the book but which is not specifically a review of that book. We never sell review copies of books we receive from publishers, authors or their representatives.
CDs and DVDs–We also accept CDs and DVDs for review that are finished and ready for marketing. Please query in the same way as described for print books. We never sell review copies of these either.

Online ‘Zines and Journals–We will post summaries or reviews of online ‘zines and journals relevant to Goddess, women and religion, and spiritual feminism only if there is no impediment to reading them, such as registration or pdf format, and they are free (except in cases where they pay contributors more than the cost of a subscription). Publishing on the Internet reduces greatly the cost of producing a journal (no printing or mailing costs). In addition, payment in copies isn’t possible. Therefore, we feel if an online journal is charging readers, it should be paying contributors. We understand that other people, such as editors, who put together these journals, deserve compensation too, but we suggest that getting that money from sponsors or advertisers, and/or asking for "free will" donations, may be more effective than charging readers. Charging readers decreases readership and thus decreases the only advantage to unpaid contributors of publishing in these ‘zines: having their materials read and seen by a large number of people. In cases where most of the content is free to readers but there is charge for some of the content, we will summarize/review only the free content.
At present we are not reviewing print journals.

Unless otherwise stated all books, CDs, and DVDs reviewed here have been supplied by the author, publisher, or other creator/orginator.

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