Saturday, June 23, 2007

RCG-I Seasonal Salon: Summer Issue

Call me upside down (not necessarily a bad thing, right?), but I’m going to start with the last article listed in the RCG-I’s Seasonal Salon’s Summer Solstice Table of Contents: "Wheels and Spirals" by Max Dashu. Max feels transformation is underway and contemplates "the Great Wheel," and other symbols of change in several cultures. She then goes on to tell about the appearance of "omens" during a recent "Gaia’s Womb retreat" and lets us in on the opening ceremonies of Mishkan Shekhinah ,"a moveable sanctuary of the Jewish Goddess."

This Goddess e-journal begins a new feature in its Summer issue: A series of articles featuring goddesses "whose stores are rarely told." The first in the series, "Goddess Stories – Huanaxu" is by Patricia Monaghan and is taken from her book, Goddesses and Heroines, a fav of many that is about to be issued in a new edition. This story is about a Goddess of the South American Yamana people in Tierra del Fuego.

In "As My Grandma Anna Used to Say," Bellezza Squillance offers relationship advice inspired by her Italian grandmother.

"Goddess Limericks" by Donna Fay Reeves treats us to a bit of humor featuring goddesses Diana, Pele, White Shell Woman and 7 others.

"Seasonal Poems for a Mediterranean Climate" by Debby Zygielbaum include: "So this is Summer, "Relief," Summer Cooker," Worries," Container," and "Summer Hunter."

Happy reading!

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