Thursday, July 05, 2007

Where Are We Now?


While we were out partying, Medusa Coils passed her first blogerversary (or is it bloggerbday?). Our first post, "Why are We Here?" , appeared July 1, 2006. We’ve accomplished many of the goals we set for ourselves and plan to continue doing what we’re doing. In that first post, we stated our intent to:

counter a trend many of us have noticed in the last few years: A tendency to downplay the contributions of spiritual feminist scholars, including Goddess authors. We are also here to provide information about other concerns of people involved in modern feminist Goddess religions and spiritual paths, including the various permutations now snaking through some Jewish and Christian circles. try to give you the real story on writings and other statements that are critical of Goddess claims, concepts, practices, particularly when it's done in a way that distorts them.
We’ve begun to do the this, and a good example of the latter is our review of an otherwise excellent book by William Dever.

That first post continues:

We also plan to point out writing that takes concepts from Goddess or feminist theological writings but fails to credit them as such....We will be particularly critical of writing that ignores the Goddess or feminist sources of ideas it espouses while at the same time putting down modern Goddess religion or spiritual feminism.
An example of this is our review of a Tikkun article by Shaul Magid

We continued:

We also plan to help readers find articles and information...and give you information about Goddess groups in various geographical locations. We are particularly interested in groups that have incorporated as religious non-profits and/or who have a building dedicated to Goddess use.
Our posts on Goddess Temples, our mini-reviews of Goddess e-zines, our monthly Buzz Coils pointing you to posts of interest on other blogs, and our monthly Events Coils, giving links to event info world-wide are significant strides on this path.

OK. Enough of us patting ourselves on the back. Pass the Birthday Cake, please.

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