Saturday, June 05, 2010

First Goddess Conference in Madrid

The first Goddess Conference in Madrid, Spain is planned for this September 24-27. Apparently inspired by the Glastonbury Goddess Temple and Conferences, Avalon priestesses, and Reclaiming, the group of priestesses and priests presenting the conference describe it as a "union of two traditions--Avalon and Celtic-Reclaiming." In a email in English sent to groups for wide circulation, they continue:
We feel that the moment has come to reclaim the Goddess in Spain publically, and so we got together as the weavers of the Spanish Goddess Conference. We are pioneers venturing into the unknown, discovering treasures of this land: its sacred places, the names of the ancient Goddesses honored in Hispania, traces of Her worship in old traditions. Little by little we start to know that Madrid is a whole Goddess city; that our ancestral Goddesses are eager to be found; to wake up to life again.

The program planned so far includes on September 24, a ceremony honoring Tanit, and a concert by Anique Radiant Heart. On September 25, the program includes a ceremony honoring Eguzki, a ceremony honoring Noctiluca, an additional group ceremony, and various workshops. On September 26, the program includes a ceremony honoring Ama Lur, various workshops, a group ceremony, and a procession with Goddess banners.

The group ceremonies will be led by priestesses and priests from both Spain and Avalon (Glastonbury, England).

Among those invited to present are Kathy Jones of England, Starhawk and Vicki Noble of the United States, and Anique Radiant Heart of Australia.

The Conference website is presently in Spanish only, but an English version is planned. The Conference languages will be Spanish and English.

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At Tuesday, June 08, 2010 11:26:00 AM, Blogger Lys said...

Yep, its the first time. I'm thinking about attending. Interesting blog!

At Saturday, July 07, 2012 5:20:00 AM, Blogger Cris said...

Dear Medusa,

Thanks for this post. I haven't seen them before.
We are going to do our Third Iberian Goddess Conference this September.
Please, have a look at the website:


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