Friday, June 11, 2010

Goddess Pages: Summer Issue

Cover art, "Free" by Gaia Orion, and a new masthead greet the reader of the summer issue of Goddess Pages . In her introductory note, "She changes everything She touches," joint editor Geraldine Charles comments on the material in this issue, including that for the first time, Goddess Pages is publishing a serialized novel.

In addition to the first installment of that novel, Loving Brynhild by Clarise Samuels, which contains Preface and Chapter 1: The Exile, here are the other articles, poems, and reviews in the summer issue of Goddess Pages that can be read free online:

"Festival of Demeter the Bountiful," by Elizabeth Kaufman, who writes that each year on August 1 she begins a series of harvest rituals and they’re not just about harvesting food. She then shares one of them.

"The Goddesses of Time" by Sue Oakley, starts with this: "The beauty of nature is in the circles She creates." Oakley goes on to look at the personalities of a variety of goddesses.

"Granny Burton and the Feather Cloak," is written by someone identifying herself only as "Granny Burton" because, she says, she fears that if she revealed her true identity she’d be deluged with fan mail. In this article, Granny gives instructions for making a swan feather cloak, sometimes using feathers from other birds as well.

"Weed Walk with Susun Weed" gives us extensive information about herbal uses of Shepherds’ Purse, Cleavers, Chickweed, Dandelion, Dock, Groundsel, Ragwort, Mallows, Plaintain, St. Joan’s/John’s wort, Self Heal, and Yarrow.

"When Darkness was the Light: the Transmission of Women’s Power and the Demonizing of the Night" by Lauren Kaye Clark shows how the equation of night with evil and the need for "enlightenment" is related to the "suppression of ancient female knowledge, wisdom, and spirituality...."

"The Women Who Remember" by Zoe d’Ay relates that after a Glastonbury Goddess Conference honoring The Maiden, d'Ay felt something stirring in her. She works through that something in this article, first by re-membering and through poetry that includes references to many fairy tales, then by listening to the whispering of crones, and finally with a tribute to "the women who remember."

Poetry in this issue includes: "Conscious Vapor" by Elan Justice, "Fare Trade" by Penn Kemp; "Litha—the Midsummer Sabbat" and "The Goddess and the Mirror" by Maria Duncalf-Barber; and "She knows She is meant" by Meggie Hiley.

Mary Frankland reviews Serene Connelley’s book, Seven Sacred Sites; Miriam Raven reviews Jim Malachi’s book In All Ways; and Helen Carmichael reviews a poetry reading in "Serendipity and sound forms."

The journal also has "premium content" for which you must pay and login to read in the entirety. (After a year, premium articles are available free in the journal’s online archives). This issue’s premium content articles are: "Brigantia’s Land: Sacred Sites in the North of Ireland," by Mary Frankland; "Creating in Mnemosyne’s Circle of memory" by Carolyn Lee Boyd; and "Ride the Storm and Dance with the Crone—the messages of menopause," by Rachel Mayett.

Goddess Pages also publishes a print edition in the UK, which can be ordered world-wide.



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