Sunday, June 20, 2010

(M)OTHERWORLD Conference Videos Online

All the presentations given at the (M)otherworld is Possible Conference in Toronto last October 23-25 are now on video posted to the conference website where they can be viewed FREE. The conference was sponsored by the Association for Research on Mothering (ARM), the International Academy Hagia, the Gift Economy Network International, and Feminists for a Gift Economy.

Presenters discussed a wide variety of topics related to mother-right societies, past and present, and economic, social, and political problems that can be traced to the religious dogma that underpins non-mother-right (aka patriarchal) societies. The presenters (followed by the countries where they live, in some cases preceded by their indigenous cultures), in order of appearance, are: Agnes Williams (Seneca-NY, US), Andrea O’Reilly (Canada), Genevieve Vaughn (US & Italy), Wahu Kaara (Kenya), Heide Goettner-Abendroth (Germany), Barbara Mann (Seneca-Ohio, US) Debbie Winegarten (US), Nané Jordan (US), Bernadette Muthien (South Africa), Mechthild Hart (US & Germany), Erella Shadmi (Israel), Malika Grasshoff (Berber, Kabyle), Gudrun Frank Wissman (Germany), Letecia Layon (US), Miriam Irene Tazi-Prere (Austria), Marguerite Rigoglioso (US), Kalli Rose Halverson (US), Nadine McNeil (Jamaica), Mary Louise Stone, (US), Pilwha Chang (Korea), Vicki Noble (US), Marina Meneses (Mexico), Valentina Pakyntein (Khasi, India), Lydia Ruyle (US), and Sobonfu Somé (Burkina Faso).

Following the individual presentations are videos of 2 Q & A sessions, a panel discussion of the "Political Significance of the Gift Paradigm for Feminist Transformation" with Angela Dolmetsch (Columbia), Linda Christiansen Ruffman (Canada), Kaarina Kailo (Finland), and Angela Miles (Canada), and a closing panel discussion on the conference title topic that includes all participants.

So far I’ve watched/listened to the invocation given by Agnes Williams, (who also gives another presentation later on), Vicki Noble’s presentation with a great deal of material on biology that may be new to many, and Lydia Ruyle’s presentation, which included a wonderful slide show about her Goddess icon banners which fly at many conferences and other events and museums. And yes, I will certainly go back to view more. The video and sound quality is excellent. Thanks to the sponsors of this conference for making this material available.

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