Thursday, April 05, 2012

Netherlands Goddess Conference This Summer

The conference, "Green Goddess 2012," will be held in the Netherlands July 5-8. It will begin 11 a.m. July 5 with a reception, followed by lunch, and then workshops on the theme "Wise Old Mother." Themes of the other days are July 6, Kima, the child in us; July 7, VrigMa, focusing on music and dance and including a Red Tent for Women, and an evening ceremony and Ball; July 8, Mama, focusing on the Mother Goddess.

Speakers and workshop leaders include: Ruud Borman, Astrid van den Berg, Saskia Basten, Joyce Hellendoom, Laura Dongelsman, Jeanine Landheer, Annick Lentacker, Ellen Haring, Ben van den Berg, Jose van der Loop, Lyan van der Muelen, Debbie Beekwielder, Linda van den Water,  and Joke and Ko Lankester.  

The website in in Dutch. Non-Dutch speakers may want to use Google Translate.

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