Saturday, April 07, 2012

Stockholm Goddess Festival This Summer

The Stockholm Goddess Festival will be held Aug. 13 to 15, with fringe events held August 12-16. The festival in Sweden is being coordinated by the organization, Terra Mater. The Swedish website has a page with program information in English, and notes that there will be an English "thread" in the Festival program. In addition, a number of the lectures will be given in English.

The Festival begins with registration and opening festivities the morning of August 13. Some topics of lectures and workshops that day are Inanna, Moon Medicine, Red Tantra, Burning Red Ochre, and The Rock Carving in Nar. August 14 topics of lectures and workshops include Ariadne, The Norns, Lucia, Hel, Elk Cow Tradition, Moonlodge, Kali & Durga, and Fire Ceremony in Munay-Ki Tradition.  August 15 topics of workshops and lectures include Durga for Women, and Norse Goddess Wheel.

Some of the planned presenters are Asa Kalyani Rudehill, Camilla Mane , Helen Egart, Anne Swahn, Marit Enestrom, Tina von Rein, Seija Hyvonen-Mammen, Mattias Tronje, Ulrika Jager, Marta-Lena Bergstedt, Tricia Szirom, Irene Stenvatten, Jerk Elmen, Lone Mogensen, Pamela Reynolds, Kirsten Brunsgar Clausen,  Margarita Wigren, Ewa Larsson, Camilla Akerstrom, Isabel Weber, Lotta Wallenborg, Erik Rodenborg, Adele Anggard, Anna Birgersdotter, Lola Ravenstar, and the musical group, Mylla.

The Festival will be held in a high school. The nearby Goddess Temple will be open throughout the festivities. The bottom of the English page has this information: "The program is subject to change and there may well be surprises."

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