Sunday, April 08, 2012

Two Goddess Conferences in Austria This May

Two Goddess Conferences will be held in Austria next month:  1st Austrian Goddess Conference in Salzkammergut, May 17-20, and the Goddess Conference 2012: First Goddess Conference in Vienna, May 26-28.

The theme of the conference in Salzkammergut is "Reconnecting with the Three," meaning maiden, mother, and crone, and the "Three Saligen Women," as well as other other Austrian Goddesses. Planned activities include rituals, chanting, drumming, and workshops. There will be also be a separate program at the same time for children ages 6-12.

The theme of the conference in Vienna is "The Goddess Returns." Kathy Jones of Great Britain will deliver the opening address, followed by an Opening Ceremony in which the Austrian Goddess Wheel will be presented to the public for the first time. While most of the program will be in German, each time slot will have at least one workshop/event in English. Announced speakers and workshop leaders include Clare Campbell, Andrea Dechant, Gabi  Proll, Marian Wallraven, Melanie Lipphard, Sassa Marosi, Edith Amman, Kathy Jones, Ruth Devine, Dagmar Benedikt, Irene Probitzer, Ulrike Sieber, Isabella Farkasch, Jaya Vender, Britta-Joy Fox, Hildegard Moonfiredancer, Veronika Lamprecht, Elaria Andrae,Sigrid Girt, Suanne Jarausch, and Angela Dawson. Expected artists include Peti Songcatcher, musician; Ursala Beiler, sculptor; Peter Englehardt, artist; RheaSilvia, artist; Karin Hacki, mezzo-soprano; Petra Steinmetz, musician; Wustenrosen, a tribal belly dance group; and One HeArt, a musical group. This conference is sponsored by the organization, Willendorferin.

We are not sure of the space availability for these events, but we thought you'd want to know about them in any case. Please check on the websites for space registration/space availability information.

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