Saturday, August 11, 2012

Anonymous Comments Policy

I have just rejected a comment from "Anonymous" because it made a negative statement about an individual without offering any substantiating data and possibly (I'm not sure) be considered libelous. I will continue to accept Anonymous comments, as I feel they give people a chance to say valuable things they may not, for a variety of reasons, want to post under their real or screen names. However, I will reject any strongly negative anonymous comments about individuals that appear to be unsubstantiated and potentially libelous. Please note: "Anonymous" when applied to comments left here applies not only to comments whose commenters label themselves "Anonymous" but also commenters who do not provide a link to email or website that verifiably identifies them. Screen names by which mask, rather than identify the person, are not considered verifiable identification. Bottom line: If you want to leave a strongly negative comment about an individual, or you want to engaged in "flaming," identify yourself.
[updated Aug. 2014]



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