Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Novel as Audiobook

(updated 2/15)
My novel, Beyond All Desiring, was released today as an audiobook read by Christy Lynn. The novel is also available in trade paperback and ebook formats. Its trade paperback version received three awards. This is my first venture in audiobook-land, an experience I'm enjoying, especially listening to Christy Lynn bring the characters to life with her creative interpretation of the dialog. The audiobook is available now at audible.com, amazon.com and itunes. Both Audible and Amazon have ways you can get the book for less than the regular price (Amazon even has a way you can get it free--don't know how long that will last). You can listen to a sample of the audiobook (the excerpt is from from chapter 8) on any of the sites selling the book.

Spiritual and erotic, with touches of magic realism, Beyond All Desiring follows the life of a woman, unconventional for her time, who kept a large part of her life secret. For more info on the book and a link to a discussion guide go to judithlaura.com/beyond.html

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