Monday, June 30, 2014

Brazilian Author Announces World Goddess Day

Claudiney Prieto, author of several books  on Wicca in Portuguese and participant in the Dianic Nemorensis tradition in Brazil, is encouraging people worldwide to celebrate a World Goddess Day yearly on the first Sunday in September. This year the holiday falls on Sept. 7.  The link to the World Goddess Day website above is in English (there is also a Portuguese version), and includes a page where you can volunteer to be a "local coordinator," and another page where you can list the event you have planned for this holiday. 

Kimberly Moore of the Motherhouse of the Goddess, in a comment on Facebook, points out that September 7 is Orisha/Goddess Yemaya's feast day  (in Santeria, her Brazilian Feast day is Feb. 2).  

Here is an excerpt (from  home page of the World Goddess Day site) of Prieto's explanation of this holiday :
"The World Goddess Day Project emerged to unite the Mother Goddess' worshipers world wide through their many expressions and manifestations. The purpose of the Project is grant to the Goddess one day of visibility to share Her many myths, stories and worship diversity, so everyone will remember or will know that the first religion of humanity was the Worship of the Goddess....
She returns for several reasons. The Goddess is calling all who feel dissatisfied; she calls out all who have found in Western religions just political institutions focused only on a male dominant figure; She also calls for all who feel dissatisfied with the patriarchal religion inherited from their ancestors who have only contributed to sicken the world with their distorted and corrupted values...."

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