Saturday, November 15, 2014

Full review to come

I have started reading Martha Shelley's latest novel, The Stars in their Course. I hope to have a full review in a month or so after I have recovered from carpal tunnel syndrome. But I wanted to let you know that if what I've read so far is any indication it's at least as good as the previous novel in this trilogy, Throne in the Heart of the Sea, which I reviewed here.

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Correction on ASWM Symposium Link

The previous announcement for the 2015 Symposium for the Association for the Study of Women and Mythology contained a broken link due to ASWM's redoing its site. This link has now been corrected on the original post of Sept. 1 and is also given in the paragraph below.  Sid Reger of ASWM asks that you please share this corrected announcement:
“Tales and Totems:  Myth and Lineage in Goddess Studies,” April 11, 2015 in Portland OR.  Proposals accepted until Nov. 15, 2015.  Keynote speaker:  Susan Griffin
Call for Proposals and registration and program information at