Monday, September 21, 2015

Podcast Interview About Book, Goddess Matters

I was pleased to be interviewed by host Kimberly Moore about my book, Goddess Matters: the mystical, practical, and controversial, on a podcast of Goddess Alive! on Saturday, September 19. You can listen to it now in the program’s archives. The podcast is a feature of the Motherhouse of the Goddess, an online community that also features classes through its Mystery School.  In Saturday’s podcast, I discuss a number of issues included in the first section of Goddess Matters, “Today’s Trends,” including how I got into Goddess spirituality back in the 1970s, today’s challenges, and Goddess in Christianity and Judaism. The section on Christianity starts at about 35:44; the section on Judaism starts at about 42:00. I end with a reading (at about 52:13). The plan is that my “appearance” there last Saturday is the first in a series on the material in Goddess Matters, which was the second of my Goddess books to receive awards--two finalists award in the “Spirituality” and “Women’s Issues” categories of the International Book Awards 2012. My previous book, the Second Enlarged Edition of Goddess Spirituality for the 21st Century, was Winner of the USA Best Books Award 2009 in the “comparative religion” category.

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