Thursday, February 25, 2016

Buzz Coil: February 2016

Some recent posts from blogs on our blogroll (please note, we don't knowingly list posts in Buzz Coil that have been published previously by the blogger elsewhere or on the same blog).This is a short Coil for a short month. (Perhaps because people are wrapped up in U.S.primary elections or the inclement weather, not many of the usual individual bloggers are writing about Goddess or spiritual feminist topics this month. We are deliberately not getting involved in election politics here.):

Works of Literata: Blogger Literata writes about the holiday of Brigid, inspiration, and direct contact with the sacred in her Feb. 4 post, "Imbolc - Sacred Inspiration."

Glenys's Blog:  In her Jan. 27 post,  "Lammas Dedication,"  Glenys Livingstone  writes about  the Lammas ceremony at MoonCourt in Australia  and tells how it is related to what to similar ritual work at Imbolc.

Broomstick Chronicles: In her Feb. 18 post, "Claremont Pagan Studies Conference - I," Macha NightMare (Aline O'Brien) gives details on  the Twelfth Conference on Current Pagan Studies at Claremont (CA) Graduate University, including presentations on feminist spirituality and Goddess topics.  

Association for the Study of Women and Mythology: ASWM's  Feb. 6 post tells about the organization's "2016 Conference: What You Need to Know (with Links),"  including the Program and Registration information for the April 1-2 event in Boston.

My Village Witch: This blog has a new url, shown in the link to the left and in our Blogroll. Byron Ballard's Feb. 21 post, "Three Tricksters and the Current Apocalypse, " tells about one of her social, physical, and spiritual  experiences at this year's Pantheacon.

A Crone Speaks Out: in her Feb. 10 post, "The Maetreum of Cybele, a View from Outside the Pagan 'Bubble',"  Rev. Cathryn Platine writes:
 "As the Maetreum of Cybele continues to break new ground, the 'mainstream' (can anything Pagan actually be mainstream?) Pagan blog-o-sphere continues to basically ignore us.  This used to piss me off but upon reflection is one of those accidental 'gifts' in many respects." She then explains why, and describes her other activities with the Maetreum, including  its  low-power radio station and its winning of a legal battle to be recognized as a "church."

Annelinde's World: If, like me,  you've wondered what downtown Asheville, NC, is like,  or if you're already familiar with it,  you'll want to read Annelinde Metzner's Feb. 20 post, her poem "Down and Up on Lexington." With pic.

Love of the Goddess: Blogger Tara's Feb. 11 post discusses "Tlazolteotl, Aztec Goddess of Filth," who is also Goddess of "decomposition, fertility...the earth, the moon" and purification and "said to absorb the sins of her followers into herself."

Large Goddess/Spiritual Feminist Blogs
Because of the large number and variety of bloggers and posts on these blogs, we are now suggesting that you visit them and select the posts that interest you most.

Feminism and Religion: Many bloggers from many different religions and paths.
The Motherhouse of the Goddess: Blog affiliated with Motherhouse Podcasts and Mystery School.
The Wild Hunt: Pagan, news-oriented blog that has grown from single blogger to many bloggers.
Pagan Square: This blog of many mostly-Pagan paths is sponsored by BBI Media and includes SageWoman blog posts.
Return to Mago: A Goddess-centered blog whose administrator/owner is Helen Hye-Sook Hwang.