Monday, May 01, 2017

Beltane Meditation

This meditation is from my audiobook (which I also narrate) and e-book, Goddess Guided Meditations.

 Beltane/May Eve
Close your eyes, breathe deeply, and relax......Beltane is a happy celebration of love and life. Love in our own lives, and new life in our own lives and in the world around us. In your mind’s eye, see grass growing, the flowers and trees in bloom, the vegetables beginning to grow, some of them still beneath the soil. What else do you see on this spring day?.....Let this vision fill you with happiness….

Now turn your attention to your own life. To love in your life, love that involves physical pleasure. If you are involved in a relationship now, see your loved one in front of you. If you are not involved in a relationship and you want to be, ask to see one who might become your lover ....What is your loved one doing? Is your loved one saying anything? Is there anything you want to say to your loved one? If so, in your mind, say it now.....If you are not now involved in a relationship, and you want to be, affirm now that a relationship will manifest for you that is for the greater good of both of you and of all concerned. If your new love has not already appeared to you in your mind’s eye, take a moment to see if this person appears now, or if you can sense this person now…..

If your loved one is with you in your mind’s eye, reach out and take hands. Do you hear the music? It may be in the distance and very faint at first, but it’s getting a little louder now. What kind of music do you hear? Are there instruments playing? Are there people singing? Can you hear the words? As the music becomes a bit louder, it may also become a bit more boisterous. As it does this, move as close to your partner as you want and begin to dance. If you don’t presently have a partner, begin dancing alone. A partner—or many partners—may join you now. Or you may continue to dance alone. Notice that others are also dancing alone, but that all of you—with partners and without—are dancing together in this dance of life….
Now the music slows, becomes softer, until you may no longer be able to hear it distinctly although a melody may linger in your mind. If you are dancing with a partner, you let go of your partner’s hand. You say goodbye—for now—to your partner and to others in the dance, and you come back to this place and time. And when you are ready, open your eyes.

Copyright 2013 by Judith Laura. Permission given for use in spiritual work, but not for republishing it elsewhere.

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