Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Buzz Coil

Here's the buzz from some blogs we visited recently:

Screaming Into the Void: Blogger Amananta writes about her feelings at a peace rally during a Muslim prayer, shares her thoughts about whether Goddess is one or many, and ponders the value of "electicism" and "cultural appropriation" in a July 21 post, "Feminism, Racism, Religion, Ethnocentrism, War & Peace."

The-Goddess: In her July 20 post, blogger Morgaine comments on an article in the online journal Matrifocus , using the title of the Matrifocus article, "The Goddess is a Verb, the Isness of Goddess, Goddessing." Among Morgaine's provocative statements:

"You do not have to have male to have female. Female comes first. Female can reproduce alone. Male is derived from the Female, and therefore included in it.
The "50-50" proportion doesn't occur in Nature. There is always more female than male and maleness is newer because it is derived from femaleness.That's simple biology.
Duality is dangerous...."

Radical Goddess Thealogy: Three striking July 12 posts by blogger Athana: "The Goddess is a Verb,"about the same Matrifocus article; "How About A Co-wife (OR 2)?" about polygamy in the bible; and "The Wrong Mouse Hole," in answer to a reader who asked, "Do you believe there's something inextricably dangerous about Christianity?"

The Countess: Two thought-provoking posts on July 21: "The Judeo-Christian God's Jealousy," about the First Commandment, and "Asshat Design," about "Intelligent Design," Creationism, and a deity's need for control.

Fetch me my axe: In a July 20 post, blogger belledame222 asks, "What happened to the word ‘sexism', " among other things and thoughts.

Broomstick Chronicles : A post on July 16, "Women, Spirituality, and Politics," discusses scholar Max Dashu's presentation, Female Shamans In Indigenous Resistance Movements.

The Gaian Mysteries : In a July 15 post, blogger ganymetheus, gives us his thoughts on "Balance," which he says is represented by the "pendulum swing" between Goddess and God the Father.

The Living Goddess of Glastonbury : In a July 10 post, "Initiation at Evening," blogger Christina describes initiation of priestesses at the contemporary Temple at Glastonbury, England.

Roots Down: Blogger and San Franciscan Deborah Oak tells of her experiences teaching at a Spiralheart (Reclaiming) camp on the U.S. East Coast in the July 20 post, "We go to camp" and the July 21 post, "Early Rising." In her June 28 post, "Illumination, " she ponders making love on the Summer Solstice.

Goddessing: In a June 9 post, "Vestalia, Vesta, Vestal Virgins," blogger Sage explores what and who were Rome's "vestal virgins."

Daily Kos: A progressive blog usually focused on Democratic politics (but also sometimes carrying spiritual-related diaries such as those from "Pastor Dan"), had a diary on July 20 by blogger hrh, "Planet of the Savage Dkos Feminist SuperVixens, Episode 5: Mystical Revelations" about a seminar hrh attended that included experiencing "feminine ‘Sophia' energy." The SuperVixens series was started for "discussion of feminism, women's issues, and anything even tangentially related." In "Episode 5," hrh writes:
"When I placed my hands on the ground and tuned into the energy, I went into a trance. I found myself in a temple made of polished white marble. Bright light blasted in from the right side, illuminating exquisitely smooth surfaces, with a hallway spiraling up to the left. It was like the inside of a seashell. Or a huge minaret, but there were no steps. I was just gliding upwards.There were a couple of nunlike presences, dimly seen, and I heard the words "Hildegard von Bingen". More on that later.The spiral kept going upward and it was made clear that the destination would never be reached - nor was it supposed to be....
The reactions of the others were quite different. One woman said she nursed at the breast of the Goddess - that the energy was nurturing. Another made a mythic allusion to Persephone and Demeter, again having to do with motherhood. Others, including the teacher, spoke of sensing that it went deep into the earth, was dark, kind of chaotic, etc. Everything was stereotypically ‘female'.
That's how the buzz coils for now. If we missed an item you think is important. Please leave the info as a "comment.



At Sunday, July 30, 2006 1:00:00 PM, Anonymous flutterby said...

"Tell Halef Mother Goddess" on Earth Family Alpha, July 29, by Susan Bright. About a terra cotta Mother Goddess c.5500-4500 BCE, excavated in Tyre (was Phoenica, now Lebanon). http://earthfamilyalpha.blogspot.com/2006/07/tell-halef-mother-goddess.html

At Monday, July 31, 2006 6:44:00 PM, Blogger Christina said...

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At Tuesday, August 01, 2006 12:53:00 PM, Anonymous Prima Vera said...

"Spiritual Activism--passing this on--" A message from Phyllis Curott about spiritual source of Middle East conflict posted on July 30 on Fetch Me My Axe, http://fetchmemyaxe.blogspot.com

At Tuesday, August 01, 2006 1:37:00 PM, Blogger Medusa said...

Thank you so much for telling us more about the important work you and others are doing at the Glastonbury Goddess Temple. I think one of the most important things we can do now is to establish more permanent physical worship spaces--that is buildings such as Temples--and we hope to publish more info about people and organizations that are doing this on Medusa Coils. The special historical link of the Glastonbury Goddess Temple makes it very precious.

At Saturday, August 05, 2006 6:44:00 AM, Blogger Christina said...

Hi Labyrs,

Thanks so much for your affirming words about the Living Goddess blog (July 10, 'Initiation at Evening'). It's great to know people are looking at the blog! Thanks very much for including a link to the site from Medusa Coils - which itself looks like a tremendous resource.

You will see me in the'Personal Introduction' in the first-ever June entry - take a look. Be aware that I'm a lot older than I look, though it's a contemporary pic! My daughter is 19; my son, 17.

There's a lot to say about the work we're doing over in Glastonbury in England promoting the Goddess Temple.

As an academic, feminist and journalist I'm constantly aware of the deep misogyny of the mainstream media. Here in the UK it's pretty much completely unreconstructed. This despite the heroic efforts of women and men who are working for change.

So we decided to take the snakes by the throat and address the issue. I'm very inspired by your Medusa Coils blog. Our aim is similar, though our approach is somewhat different.

We're promoting the Goddess here in the UK, and Goddess spirituality, via the Glastonbury Goddess Temple on TV, radio, in the press and online. We are determined to change public perception of the feminine divine and make the public aware of this as a viable spiritual path with many benefits. At the same time we're hoping to affirm the Temple and Her Priestesses and raise some money for a new Glastonbury Goddess Temple, which is badly needed.

There are several ways in which Glastonbury is unique and important. Firstly of course it is a genuine sacred site and perhaps has more claim than anywhere in Britain (itself sacred to the Goddess) to be a mystical Goddess focus. There are huge legends attached to Glastonbury and of course it's mentioned in the popualr blockbuster the Da Vinci Code. The Holy Grail is a Glastonbury myth; King Arthur was said to be buried here. And it's an ancient 'Isle': some say it's the isle of Avalon.

The priestesses say that Avalon is the mystical land of the Lady on the other side of the veil of perception. As a medieval scholar I know that this idea occurs in a twelfth-century manuscript and is much older. Glastonbury has all this real historical and mythic resonance.

Second, it's home to the first (and only) Goddess Temple in Britain for 1500 years.

Third, the priestesses are very proactive and come from all walks of life; they are accomplished and impressive people.

Fourth, they run a priestess training course lasting 3 to 6 years which is fully subscribed and whose graduates go on to found temples and practise worldwide. There is one in San Jose, Calif., for example. There are now around 100 trained and practising Priestesses of Avalon and the course is popular and I think full.

Fifth, priestess Kathy Jones has just published _Priestess of Avalon, Priestess of the Goddess_, 544pp. and her ninth book, which is the definitive guide to Avalon Priestess training.

There are so many ways in which you and the people you are in touch with could help us.

We are seeking contacts in the US media, in magazines, the press, TV, radio and online, to promote and talk about the Glastonbury Goddess movement. If you, anyone you know, or anyone reading this comment should be inspired to suggest any way in,or any contact, in the US media for the Glastonbury Goddess, please post a comment on the Living Goddess blog http://livinggoddess.blogspot.com and I will email you.

Kathy would be very happy to promote her book somehow somewhere if anyone would like to host that. She is a priestess, co-founder of the annual Glastonbury Goddess Conference and the Goddess Temple and founded and teaches on the Priestess training course. She has a lot to say and tell.

I am a lecturer in medieval studies at Bristol University and would love to bring my dayschool for the general public, 'The Goddess and the Grail: The Real Meaning of the Da Vinci Code' to some kind of academic event on your side of the pond. There are other UK academics who I could organise too.

We're also hoping to start off an annual academic Goddess symposium in the UK and would like to make contacts with US academics in the Goddess Studies field who would be willing to help set this up and take part.

The priestesses also urgently need to raise money for a new Goddess Temple and are asking for help.

One of them, blogger Pammy, has opened up http://onewhiteswanfeather.blogspot.com/, which is a trading-up blog. It's an exciting place to make a donation and could be a way of Goddess-loving people to join forces across the continents. So far we have had offers from the UK, Norway and Austria. The blog has only been going a couple of weeks.

As you see, in Glastonbury it's about action and being proactive: both theory and practice. To me that's inspiring, especially as it encompasses many kinds of women and some men, some of whom are intellectual, some of whom aren't.

My ambition, as a woman, an intellectual, and an activist is to get this spirituality on the agenda as widely as possible. We're keen to get it into the corners it wouldn't normally reach. I am absolutely convinced that this would be a radical act of great merit and we're putting heart and determination into it.

So if you or anyone reading this feels inspired to help, in one of the above ways or in some other way, please get in touch, either via the Living Goddess blog or with me direct.

Glastonbury is a unique jewel and it does need help - financial and in every way.

I'll stay reading the Medusa Coils blog. Thanks for creating it.

All the best,



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