Sunday, August 27, 2006

Buzz Coil: August

Here's the buzz from some blogs we visited recently:

The-Goddess: Blogger Morgaine lets loose with a response to what she calls an "anti-feminist" article about the "Need for Masculinity," in her August 16 post, "Check Out this Witchvox Article." Here's just one of Morgaine's memorable statements:
"There is one true element of the Craft that ought to be universal - our Sacred Mother is the living Universe, and everything that exists is a part of one feminine whole. Everything begins and ends with Her. If you can't deal with that, reconsider calling yourself Pagan, and don't you dare call yourself ‘Witch'."

At the end of desire: Blogger Inanna wants to know why women aren't getting credit for their contributions to contemporary thought in her August 24 post, "She is the most radical thinker of our time," (For one example of why, see Medusa's post here "Article Double Whammies Goddess" ) Also from Inanna, an August 12 post about the relationship of neo-Pagan beliefs and Western occultism in "An Open Mystery"

The Living Goddess of Glastonbury: Blogger Christina gives us informative and inspirational reports on the Glastonbury Goddess Conference in her post of August 2, "Conference Takes Off", and her August 3 post, "Blessed be..."

Goddessmom's Slice of Reality: Blogger Goddessmom posted a beautiful Goddess poem about Avalon on August 18.

Radical Goddess Thealogy: Blogger Athana gives us 2 related articles, "Auntie A on the Gift Economy" on August 11, and "Cinderella: Medieval Prophecy" on August 12.

Screaming Into The Void: Blogger Amananta comments on a book by the late Andrea Dworkin, Scapegoat: The Jews, Israel, and Women's Liberation in her August 15 post, "Scapegoat, Israel & Palestine, Terrorism at Home and Abroad".

Fetch me my axe : Blogger belledame222 writes about antisemitism and the Christian Right's apparent affection for Jews and Israel in her August 12 post, " ‘Judeo-Christian' "

Some soul-searching about the evolution of Reclaiming at several blogs including:
Blog O'Gnosis: Anne Hill's August 6 post,
"The Baby and the Bathwater", and August 16 post, "A Peak Experience."

Roots Down: Deborah Oak's August 6 post, "Interesting Times," and her August 24 post, "Tools and Traits."
Broomstick Chronicles: M. Macha Nightmare's August 19 post, "Bringing Reclaiming Back Into the Circle"
Hecate: Not affiliated with Reclaiming, blogger Hecate takes the current discussion in a more general direction in her August 17 post,
"We've Got Magic To Do, Just for You" .

That's how the buzz coils for now. If we missed an item you think is important. Please leave the info as a "comment."



At Thursday, August 31, 2006 10:09:00 PM, Anonymous flutterby said...

you might be interested in "Women Face restrictions on Prayer in Makka" about restrictions on prayers by women in the Grand Mosque in Saudi Arabia, posted August 30 on


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