Friday, September 01, 2006

Response to Dude Bellyaching

The August 27 article, "'Dude, Where Are the Dudes': Paganism, Feminism, and Woman Centered-Space," came to our attention after we posted the most recent Buzz Coil. I was going to append it as a comment, but then decided it's important enough to get a post of its own. It was by Brown Recluse in response to several recent articles on "encouraging Wiccan and Pagan groups to be sure they appreciate the presence of men...." Here is a quote from Recluse's footnote to the article that could easily serve as an introduction:
"In this essay I credit women with creating woman-centered Wicca and Paganism. Yes, I do know about Gerald Gardner, so if you’re sending hate mail, please skip that part. I’m thinking of the innumerable women SINCE Gardner who have formed their own covens, developed their own traditions, written their own ritual, and, often, welcomed men to their groups in a spirit of fellowship . . . and are now being told that they should change what they’ve built because it might make some men uncomfortable."
In case the tinyurl used to link to the article doesn't work for you, here's the full link:



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