Monday, October 30, 2006

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"The women of Medusa Coils" has (have?) been tagged by belledame222 of Fetch me my axe and since we've only been blogging since July, this is our first time being tagged ::blush:: Here's how I think this works. A blogger starts a "meme" and then tags other bloggers to join in. When you're tagged, you're supposed to tag 5 more bloggers. Anyway, this time the idea, as originated (I think) by Feministe is to tell about 5 things feminism has done for us. I'm going to start and labyrs and Silver Serpent will join in.

Woman's Suffrage - This is from our first-wave foremothers and comes to mind strongly now as I write this, a few days before the next U.S. election. I am amazed every time I realize how long it took "them" to allow (!) women to vote--70 some years! The U.S. women's suffrage movement began in earnest just after the Civil War and the Constitutional amendment wasn't passed until 1920. Less than 100 years later, most of us take this right for granted. Should we?

Career Fulfillment - My parents wanted me to be a teacher so I would have "something to fall back on" (translation: in case your future husband can't support you, it's okay for 'ladies' to teach). I didn't want to be a teacher (lucky kids!), I wanted to be a journalist. I got a degree in journalism and became one of the first women hired as a reporter on a certain daily newspaper and many years later, the first woman to be editor of a certain magazine.

Deepened Spirituality - The analytical tools of feminism helped me understand that many assumptions and teachings of Western religions are misogynist and used to legitimize secular misogyny and oppression of women. This led me to explore feminist spirituality through my writing and participate in Goddess groups.

From labyrs:
Ecofeminism - Feminism helped me understand the relationship between disrespect for women and the trashing of Mother Earth.

From Silver Serpent:
My Body, My Self - Because of feminist insights, I realise that I'm in charge of my body--not doctors, not society--but me, and that feeling pleasure during sex is a natural and good--even sacred--thing.

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