Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Buzz Coil: November

Here’s what’s buzzing on other blogs recently. If we missed an item you think is important, please leave the info as a "comment."

Screaming into the Void: Blogger Amananta gives some background about why she won’t be posting any more (but the blog will stay up, at least for now) in a Nov. 5 post, "Oh Mama Can This Really Be the End?"

Radical Goddess Thealogy: In her Nov. 22 post, "God to Goddess Timeline," blogger Athana reviews progress being made towards a previously posted goal of "…replacing God the Father with God the Mother by the year 2025."
In her Nov. 14 post,
"Getting Personal," Athana explains her different relationships with Goddess, differences between Goddess and the biblical God, and her view of deities from various time periods, including this:
Most Goddess people hold vivid pictures in their minds of specific deities, deities springing from the historical record – Isis, Macha, Diana, Brigit, Hecate, Innana, and others. Personally, I have a hard time with historical deities -- to one extent or another they’ve all been toyed with by the war-gods. After the war-god people conquered the old Goddess peoples, they said, "Okay, your Goddesses can sit next to our Gods – if they lick the Gods’ boots." Unlike me, most Goddess people seem able to see through the patriarchal layers shrouding these historical Goddesses, into their deep core, their original divinity.
When I picture the Goddess, I like to zoom back to pre-patriarchal
The Gimp Parade: In a Nov. 15 post, Blogger Blue answers "yes" to the question: "Is disabled accessibility a feminist issue?" We think you’ll want to read why and consider whether you can make your spiritual events more accessible. Also, the week before Thanksgiving, Blue posted a series of articles on "Going Native," focusing on Native Americans/indigenous peoples.

The-Goddess: Blogger Morgaine’s Nov. 10 post, "The Veil - religious expression or patriarchal oppression?" should get you thinking about veils and other customs associated with various religions.

Interrobang’s Internationale: In a Nov. 21 post, "Religious Fundamentalist Natalism Not Just a US Christian Phenomenon," Blogger Interrobang, a Canadian, writes about a movement she feels is similar to the Christian Quiverfulls among some ultra-Orthodox Jews in Israel.

Hecate exposes the hypocrisy of family valuers objecting to public breast-feeding in her Nov. 22 post, "Getting On An Airplane Doesn’t Mean Surrendering ALL Your Rights." In a Nov. 20 post, "Ritual," she shares her experience and advice for creating rituals.

Goddessing: In her Oct. 24 post, "Democracy," Blogger Sage writes about Tom Harmann’s book, Screwed: The Undeclared War Against the Middle Class... and her experience in 3 differently structured Pagan groups: "overtly hierarchical; covertly hierarchical; feminist egalitarian/consensual."

Broomstick Chronicles: M. Macha Nightmare posted her invocation, "Summoning the Ancestors" on Oct. 31. You might want to save it for next Samhain/Hallows.

That’s the buzzing and coiling for now. If we missed an item you think is important. Please leave the info as a "comment."



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