Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Buzz Coil: December

Here’s what’s been buzzin’ on other blogs recently. If we missed an item you think is important, please leave the info as a "comment."

Hecate: In a Dec. 16 post, "Saturday Goddess Blogging," blogger Hecate suggests that Sheila-na-gig is "a good goddess for Yule" - with some great pics.

Peeling a Pomegranate: "In the spirit of earth-based Magickal Judaism" and in celebration of Hanukkah, blogger Carly rededicates the Temple as Earth (or Earth as Temple) in a Dec. 14 post, "Rededicating the Temple." Here is a portion of it, with a little extra explanation in brackets:

"Where is the Temple?"
"Isn’t She everywhere?"
"Is She the..." [Hebrew letters – word for Shekhinah – usually means presence of the divine, understood as feminine]
"Then I rededicate The Temple here" [Hebrew words for "We rededicate The Temple there"]
"Yes, but I am here." [Hebrew word for "here"]
Thank you to Carly for helping us with the translation of the last two Hebrew quotes. The post then closes with a beautiful rededication prayer that I’m not going to quote because I want to encourage you to go over there to get the full flavor of this post.

Raihn Drop’s: Blogger Raihn has some lovely pics of her current Summer Solstice celebration in Australia, including a deciduous "goddess tree," in her Dec. 14 post, "Snapshot of 72 Raihn Hours." Another December 14 post, "AM-Moora" gives poetic spiritual guidance from "the Mother of all for time and now, for now and time."

Yezida’s Journal: And speaking of Australia,T.Thorn Coyle writes about her visit there in a Dec. 10 post, "Fairie Tree," and a Dec. 16 post, "It’s so big."

Broomstick Chronicles: In a Dec. 1 post, "College Interfaith," M. Macha Nightmare tells about a forum on world religions at Napa College that included speakers on Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Christianity, Goddess, Contemporary Paganism, and Religious Science. In a Dec. 5 post, "SD Post Mortem-Technical", she analyzes this year's technical aspects of probably the best known Samhain Spiral Dance event, which could make you feel better about difficulties you may experience when trying to create and present rituals.

Radical Goddess Thealogy: Blogger Athana’s Dec.9 post, "Don’t Believe in Goddess. See If I Care," gives 3 tenets she’d like you to agree to even if you don’t "believe in" Goddesses.

Screaming into the Void: We’re glad to see that blogger Amananta, who, as we reported in last month's Buzz Coil , posted that she was going to stop blogging, has found a way to continue – most posts don’t allow comments.

That’s the buzz-coiling for now. If we missed an item you think is important. Please leave the info as a "comment."




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