Thursday, January 18, 2007

WaPo 'On Faith' panelist bashes Goddess

"Have women fared well or badly in the world's religions down through the ages?" is today's discussion question on The Washington Post's online, On Faith. One of the panelists, Wendy Doniger, takes the opportunity to attack Goddess feminists, and WaPo highlights her Goddess-bashing quote and gives her top billing. There are already some responses, but if you want to tell her what you think, here's a shortcut: Responses from a number of other panelists are more balanced and make interesting reading, so you might want to check them all out. And I'm glad to see discussion on this issue on a mass media site.

[SEE UPDATE BELOW Unfortunately,
Starhawk, who is one of On Faith's regular panelists, wasn't included among the responders to today's question (could it be that she wasn't asked?). Her most recent post on Jan. 15, which you shouldn't miss, is "Our Goddess Weeps at Our Wars." ]

UPDATE,Jan.21: The order of the comments has been changed, so that Doniger's no longer is highlighted at the beginnning of the discussion AND a panelist post by Starhawk (dated Jan. 16),"Woman and Goddess" has been added (Actually I don't know if this was added from somewhere else or existed somewhere on this topic and just wasn't showing???)




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