Thursday, February 22, 2007

Buzz Coil: February

Here’s what’s been buzzin’ on other blogs recently. If we missed a blog post you think is important. Please leave the info as a "comment."

The Huffington Post: Tom Hayden shares parts of a speech he gave to Progressive Christians Uniting in his Feb. 20 post,
"No More Crusades," about both Iraq and environmental issues. Among his comments:

...I want to challenge the stewardship notion that we were placed here, at some distant time in the past, to suddenly become stewards of nature, as if nature was doing badly on its own. The stewardship concept extracts us from, and places us above, the realm of nature. The scriptures place us in this role to underscore our special, sacred status above the lesser world of living things and ecosystems. As stewards, we become the plant managers for the absentee owner. If this reposterous idea was true, we would have been overthrown or fired from our administrative roles for malfeasance and neglect long ago.

....But our dominant story is upside down, and the challenge is to make it right. Eve is not Adam's rib, but the early goddess made dependent on man; the snake is not the Devil, but the symbol of nature brought low.... we have to acknowledge those old wars against nature worship and goddess cults, and make a just peace at last with those enemies. We must acknowledge and no longer be threatened by the pagan and goddess spirits within the mystic traditions of Christianity....

Pagan Godspell: In a Feb. 13 post, "Praying for Honey Bees" ,Sara Sutterfield Winn gives us a very moving Prayer for the Honey Bees (they’re dying from a mysterious ailment) that I’ve been including it in my devotions. In her Feb. 12 post, she writes about her longing for "Pagan monasticism."

Radical Goddess Thealogy: In her Feb 21 posts, Athana has a pic and link to a "Goddess Timeline" and she blogs about how it’s "Time to Ditch the Dude," She begins:

Babies, we need a new Role Model. Big Daddy War God aka "The-Lord-Is-a-Warrior"* isn’t cutting it.We need Mother Goddess to sweep back and calm us down.
She goes on to discuss the damage done by the biblical War God image.

Goddessing: In her Feb. 14 post, "Bonobos," Blogger Sage writes of the a PBS tv program "The Last Great Ape," about the happily sexy Bonobos. Sage explains:

Bonobos are interesting for so many reasons. Chief among them, for me, is the mirror they hold up to us about human primate nature and social possibilities. Like chimpanzees, bonobos share 98% of their genetic material with us. Unlike patriarchal chimpanzess, however, bonobos are matriarchal. Matriarchal. That's the word they used on the program
At the end of desire: As she promised, Blogger Inanna’s gives us a second post in her series on healing. On Jan 26, in "Healing: paying attention," she writes:

How different would it be if we paid attention to the needs of people who are sick or have disabilities, rather than trying to fix them?
She also continues her posts on thealogy, with Jan. 23's "Polytheology 2" about trying to make distinctions between monotheism and polytheism.

Hecate: Blogger Hecate shares her planting plans and explores how the Demeter-Persephone myth can inspire feminists in her Feb. 17 post, "Saturday Goddess Blogging" .

Roots Down:Deborah Oak tells us why she is sitting on her deck rather than at Pantheacon in her Feb. 17 post, "Experiential Witchcraft," part of an ongoing blogosphere discussion on book learning vs practice

Doire Musings: Quoting her teacher, Christian feminist scholar Elizabeth Schussler-Fiorenza, blogger mdiv94, now herself a professor of religion writes,"Truth is constructed," and expands on that thought in her Feb. 3 post, "Truth and Dare."

Walking on Fire: In her Feb. 20 post, "Purim Torah, Mysteries of the Night," blogger Liorah Lleucu combines the Jewish Purim holiday with Celtic goddesses.

Evoking The Goddess: Blogger Paul writes about sacred dance in his Feb. 19 post, "Awakening Earth."

The-Goddess: "‘ Hard Evidence’ of Matriarchy?" is the question blogger Morgaine seeks to answer for a reader of her blog in a Feb. 7 post.

Blog o’Gnosis: Anne Hill writes about her mixed feelings identifying as a Witch in her Jan 28 post "What’s In a Name?"

Wild Hunt Blog reports on "The Return of Green Egg" as a web-zine. In his Feb. 16 post, Jason Pitzl-Waters gives a brief history of what may be the first neopagan pub in the U.S. (Medusa has hanging on her wall, a framed cover of a Green Egg issue, probably from the 1970s, with lavender background showing Sophia as a grain goddess.)



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