Friday, February 02, 2007

Global Goddess Oracle - 2 issues

We missed posting about the Winter Solstice issue of this excellent Goddess ‘zine, so I'll try to catch you up by telling you about two issues at once.

First, the most recent, Imbolc Issue of the Global Goddess Oracle, opening with Mut Danu's description of her experience of the holiday, "Imbolc." Mut Danu is a priestess of the Apple Branch Dianic Tradition. There is so much other good stuff in this issue that it's hard to know where to continue, so I'll just tell you which articles caught my eye first: "Pagan Parenting at Imbolc," by Donyea; an excerpt from Kathy Jones' book, Priestess of Avalon, Priestess of the Goddess: a renewed spiritual path for the 21st century; "Imbolc Solitary Ritual," by Belladona; "Talking to the Dying," by Grizz Dragonzhawk; "When Your Life Purpose Presents Itself, Will You Listen?" by Caryn Colgan; "Musings..." by Rain; "Witch Is It?" by Carol Hunt; a review by Bendis of Biology of Belief. There are also articles by Barbara Ardinger, MarVeena Wells, Stephanie Pflumm, Byron Ballard, and Layni Cook; additional articles by Belladonna and Colgan, and wonderful poetry by Dancing Star, Bendis, and Layni.

Going backwards, here's a look at the Winter Solstice issue: Let me start with "Baby Steps to the Goddess," by Sapphire, because to me, it's an usual story. Sapphire tells how, after leaving the "male Christian god," for the Goddess she was lured into bonding with the Greek god "Haides," which distanced her from the Goddess. Sapphire writes: "I felt guilty whenever speaking to Demeter." She then tells how she returned to "my Mother," last Samhain. The Winter issue also has seasonal material by Mama Donna Henes, Donyea, Morgaine, Moonspinner, and Leigh Barret; and other articles by Bendis, Megumi Kaizu, Anique Radiant Heart, Kathy Jones, Barbara Ardinger; and poetry by Leigh Barret, Mary Hunt, and Dancing Star. There's a lot, and I hope I didn't leave anyone out!

Global Goddess, btw, does more than publish Oracle. It's an innovative group, and if you're not familar with them you might want to visit their home page,


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