Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Global Goddess Oracle: Spring Issue

If you're still looking for a Spring Equinox ritual, and especially if you won't be celebrating with a group this year (or if you want a ritual to save for next year) take a look at "A Solitary Vernal Equinox Ritual" in the Spring issue of Global Goddess Oracle.

Other seasonal articles issue are: "Welcome Spring," by Dawn Thomas, reflecting on the implications of Spring Equinox in a climate that is already warm; "Eggs on End" by Donna Henes, about a ceremony she conducts in New York City at the Vernal Equinox; "The Prayer Tree of Spring" by Amy Martin; "Singing with Gaia," about a spring equinox ritual and global warming, by Mut Danu; "The Origin of Easter Eggs," and a photo journal, "Spring in Texas," both by Bendis; and "Out Goes the Veg," by Donyea.

Other articles in this great issue are: "The Ancient Origins of Pagan Belief and Ritual," by Vikki Bramshaw; "Chant of the Nornir: Weaving a Life," an article by Mut Danu about the fate goddeses that begins with poetry; "Making Infused Oils: The Healing Power of Plants & the Sun" by Bohemian Witch; "Found Goddesses: An Antic Cronish Goddess," a humorous look at Auntie Gravity by Barbara Ardinger; "Past Life Regression" by MarVeena Meek; "Labels" by Rain; "My Faery Place," a poem by Mary Hunt, Ry; and "Woman Who Walks With Goddess Eyes" (part 2) fiction by Stephanie Pflumm.

There are also Music Reviews by Bendis, and "Moon Schedule with Planting/Harvesting Days" by Belladonna.

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