Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Global Goddess Oracle: Lammas 2007

The Lammas issue of Global Goddess Oracle opens with beautiful Goddess art by Wendy Andrew and her poem, "1st August." Next comes "The Art of Aimee Santana." But because this comes right after Wendy's work, it's unclear (at least to me) whether they are related? Or if Wendy has writtten an article about Aimee Santana? Or???

Mama Donna Henes' article, "Distaff of Life," compares the half-way point of summer to "a well-seasoned woman."

Leni Hester treats us to a lovely poem, "August."

In "Deepening Your Craft," Mut Danu tells how this time in summer has became a time for her to "retreat" to a medieval village.

"Found Goddesses" by Barbara Ardinger, Ph.D, focuses on "Opera, Goddess of Magazines and Newsletters."

Dawn Thomas writes about "Heather," and reveals the relationship of this plant to certain goddesses, insects, and summer, among other interesting tidbits.

Belladonna keeps us up to date with "Moon Schedules: Planting and Harvesting Days."

A great way to spend a few summer hours!

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