Tuesday, August 28, 2007

News from the Temples

[Note from Medusa: Every few months, we hope to have reports from the various and growing Goddess Temples around the world, written by members/priestesses of these Temples. For previous "News from the Temples" and articles on this blog about individual Temples, go to bottom of this post and click on the Label "Temples" ]

The Goddess Temple of Orange County
Perhaps the most exciting news from The Goddess Temple of Orange County has been the unveiling of our new Earth Altar. Painted by a very talented Temple Priestess, the Earth Altar sits regally between The Queen and The Crone altars. Standing almost from the floor to the ceiling, the Earth Altar depicts a forest scene with flowing waterfall, evergreen trees, forest animals, giant boulders and calm pool. Many Goddess symbols are also part of the picture including spirals, flames, moon and the two central symbols: a snake winding its way around a large white egg. The Earth Altar was unveiled and consecrated in joyous ritual and ceremony on Earth Day and is dedicated to Goddess Gaia.

The Temple's many priestesses have been very busy this past quarter attending to all of the Temple's needs and to its growing dedicated congregation. These hard-working womyn continue to serve The Goddess in many ways, including: 1) Keeping The Temple open for the public to worship four days a week; 2) Holding two services each Sunday; 3) Holding eight Holy Day rituals annually; 4) Holding two healing drum circles each month; 5) Holding other weekly classes and many workshops. All of this activity requires lots of time, dedication and talent and we are thankful to our director, Rev. Ava, and to our Temple Priestesses for everything they do on behalf of The Temple.

We are also very appreciative to all of our honored guests who have come to The Temple to share their wisdom, including Ruth Barrett, Kathy Jones, Marsh Engle and Christina Biaggi. We invite one and all to experience the peaceful and powerful energy of The Goddess Temple of Orange County. Please visit us soon!!

-Sheryll Alexander
"Priestess of Publicity"




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