Thursday, October 04, 2007

Global Goddess Oracle: Fall Equinox Issue

Global Goddess Oracle’s Fall Equinox Issue is a richly-filled cornucopia of articles, rituals, poetry, and other yummy things. Lovely art by Aimee Santana follows you as you click through the pages.

A poem/prayer by Wendy Andrew that begins "Feel Me now as Mother Earth," opens the issue. Other poetry includes: "Mist" by Leni Austine, and "Seeds and Harvest" by Dancing Star.

Articles for any season include: "WE are the Twinkles in the Goddess’s Eye,"in which Mat Danu shares ideas about how to help wake up the Goddess; "Entering the Sacred Dance of Life," by Flash Silvermoon, an excerpt from her forthcoming book, about Flash’s inner journey, animal companions, and a morning ritual walk; "Birthing a Goddess Garden" by MarVeena-Vision Seeker, about how she created a labyrinth on her Texas ranch where walks are held on full moons; and the latest in Barbara Ardinger, Ph.D.’s humorous series: "Found Goddesses – Scissorella: Goddess of the Good Haircut."

The issue contains 2 rituals for this season: "Solitary Autumn Equinox Ritual" by Dawn "Belladonna" Thomas; and "Fall Equinox Rites" by Deanna Quarrie, a group ritual with labyrinth, acorns, drumming and dancing.

Other seasonal material includes: "Day Long Prayer for Abundance," by Mut Danu, a prose poem addressed to Habundia; "A New Year in Autumn" by Mama Donna Henes, explaining how various cultures determine the New Year; "Harvest Home versus the Wicker Man" by H. Byron Ballard," discussing the pleasures of beekeeping and the celebration of Harvest Home; "Mabon Seasonal Projects: Luminaries," by Dawn "Belladona" Thomas, which tells how to make luminary bags to honor women in your life and how to make a "Grape Wreath" and a "Gratitude Plaque."

Other features include: "Marigold (calendula officinalis)" and "Moon Schedule with Planting and Harvesting Days," both by Dawn "Belladona" Thomas; and "Animal Speak" a Ted Andrews CD review by Deanne Quarrie.

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