Friday, October 05, 2007

RCGI Salon - Fall Equinox Issue

Call me a contrarian, but I'm going to note the last article listed in the RCG-I Salon's contents page first:

"Empires are doomed to fall," by historian Max Dashu is a brave and biting commentary on the political state of affairs in the USA at present. Max takes a look at what the situation means for women and what it all has to do with Goddess reverence.

Other autumn offerings from the Reformed Congregation of the Goddess-International's e-journal:

Noting that the word "bede" means prayer, Bellezza Squillace, in "With Bedes in Hands," discusses the use of prayer beads among the Strega, participants in Cella and Womens’ Thealogical Institute students, as well as other religions and cultures. Interesting pics and ideas!

Short fiction by Patricia Monaghan, "Lesser Known Goddesses and Heroines - Selu," tells a story about the Cherokee vegetation Goddess, Selu, aka Corn Woman.

Rounding out this issue are Donna Fay Reeves’ "Goddess Limericks – Part II," and Debby Zygielbaum’s "Seasonal Poems from a Mediterranean Climate," consisting of "Rain Chant," "Rain Return," and "Fall."

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