Monday, November 19, 2007

Goddess Pages: Samhain Issue

Goddess Pages is now both a print and online journal. Some of the articles online are designated "premium articles," which means you pay to read them--through Paypal, which will convert your U.S. or other currency into the British currency listed on the e-journal site.

But there's still plenty of free material on Goddess Pages online and that's what I'll talk about here:

In "Glastonbury Goddess Conference 2007 - a review," Myfanwy Ashley writes of clans, ceremonies, grandmothers, virgins, talks, workshops, dancing, singing, yoga...

"Priestessing Goddess onto the World Stage," by Karen Tate, about the coming-out of the Goddess community, also appeared as a Sept. 11 guest blog here.

"Seeking Goddess in Silence - the Quaker Goddess Network," by Liz Perkins tells how a group of British Quakers with Goddess interests met and grew.

In "Not Right: Part II," Michael Bland explores the "bewitchment of human intelligence by means of language," for which he suggests a remedy. With quotes from philospher Ludwig Wittgenstein.

"Wild Lessons from Herstory," by Theresa Curtis-Diggs, relates attempts at coaxing a garden to grow.

"The Meeting," is autumn fiction about a young woman and a crone from Judith Laura's book, She Lives! The Return of Our Great Mother.

Eleven poems bless this issue:

"Brigantia is..." by Alex Chaloner, "The day after the bonfire" by Alison Leonard, "Sea Mysteries" by Anna McKerrow, "West Kennet Long Barrow" and "Fallen" by Doreen Hopwood, "The Snow Queen's Defence" by Geraldine Charles, "Northern Star (for my father)" by Jacqui Woodward-Smith," Catechism for a Witch's Child" by J. L. Stanley, "Blood Moon" by Michele Darnell-Roberts, "Prayer to Live with Paradox" by Rose Flint, and "Mill Hill" by Sue Oxley.

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