Saturday, December 29, 2007

Global Goddess Oracle: Winter Solstice Issue

The e-journal, Global Goddess Oracle, now appears in a blog format, which confused me a little at first because each article says it's posted by anonymous, when they are actually bylined articles. I guess they are doing this for convenience. Anyway, the articles are still wonderful and worthwhile hunkering down with now that some of us have more time as the holidays pass. I'm going to list these in the order I surfed them--you will find them listed in a different order on the website, in the left-hand sidebar.

"Running With Artemis" by Mut Danu, makes coherent sense of the great number of myths surrounding this Goddess, with a little help from intuition.

In "How Far Out of the Broom Closet" Flash Silvermoon suggests ways to be more comfy in your "closet." Flash encourages us to "test boundaries...and bust out as much as is comfortable...." She also discusses the need for more attention to honoring elders in various Pagan paths.

"A Hinge in the Year: The White Solstice," by H. Byron Ballard describes how the author and her daughter mark the Winter Solstice.

In "Shades of Grey: Transforming Pain Into Hope," Dorean Malandra-Dora tells how she overcame the effects of a miscarriage.

"Anglo-Saxon Yuletide" by K.A. Laity gives Anglo-Saxon and Norse perspectives on Yule, with references to Venerable Bede, Tacitus, and Beowulf.

"Caloria--Triple Goddess of Potluck, " is another in a series about "Found Goddesses" by Barbara Ardinger Ph.D. Chuckle along with this humorous piece about a goddess whose favorite dish is "a casserole of brown rice, tofu, and lima beans."

In "It's Damn Dark Out There," Mama Donna Henes, who calls herself an "urban shaman," shares thoughts on the approach of the Solstice.

"Our Yule Log" by Bendis, gives the symbolism of various woods and flowers that might be in a Yule Log. Other yummy offerings by this journal's editor in this issue include: "The Holidays in the Kitchen," memories of a family that cooked together, with recipes; "Waissailing," which tells you how to make a wassail bowl and what to do with it, with recipes.

"The Burning Bowl Ceremony, " by MarVeena is a ritual of intentions appropriate for this time of year.

Poetry in this issue includes "On Origins" by Elizabeth Phillips, and "Solstice Moon" by DancingStar.

"Woman's Miraculous, Magnificent Body," is an inspirational article by Gayle Goldwin, who claims it "was channeled from the Golden Circle of Ascended Female Masters...."

And Dawn "Belladonna" Thomas keeps us up-to-date with her regular features, "Moon Schedule with Planting and Harvesting Days," and "Herb of the Season: Bay Laurel."

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