Sunday, December 30, 2007

RCG-I Seasonal Salon: Winter Solstice Issue

This Solstice issue of RCG-I's Seasonal Salon has such lovely gifts:

"The 13th Day of Solstice" by Bellezza Squillace, "an original LeBefana tale created by Bellezza," about an old womon who rides the night sky on the 12th night after Solstice to visit sleeping chidren, but she's beginning to think it's "non valle la pena."

"Goddess Limericks - Part III," by Donna Fay Reeves contains a limerick for each of the following Goddesses: Sedna, Epona, Valkyrie, Flora, Hera, Hina, Medusa :-), Arianhod, Hel, and Rhiannon.

"Lesser-known Goddesses and Heroines, Tayune," by Patricia Monaghan about a Canadian Inuit heroine who walked across the tundra to escape an abusive husband.

"A Gift in the Void," by Tiffany Boyd. A circle celebrates Solstice, a celebrant lights a candle for her aunt, and... coincidence? validation? gift?

"In the Pool of Night," by Max Dashu. Ritual consumption of a root helps followers of Goddess-honoring Central African religion repel invaders. With comments on this December as "a crucial gateway," due, at least in part, to astrological configurations; with a cycle that began in 3114 BCE concluding on Dec. 21 2007 CE, according to Mayan seers.

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