Thursday, January 24, 2008

Buzz Coil: January

Goddess in a Teapot: In her Jan. 6 post, "Preparing for Imbolc: The Kitchen Mysteries Celebration"Carolyn Lee Boyd presents ways to celebrate Feb. 2 as a "kitchen mysteries" holiday.

Panthea: Blogger Grian has been valiantly responding to posts on a blog called "Unmasking the Goddess" (subtitled "A Christ follower looks into goddess spirituality,"and with the confusing url See what Grian has to say in her Panthea posts of Jan 18, "God/dess: Genders, " and Jan. 10, "Earth as Goddess comments."

Evoking the Goddess: In his Jan 14 post, "Ghosts on a lazy Sunday Afternoon," Blogger Paul takes issue with a British television programme that took a dim view of Orkney before Christianity, pointing out its many misleading statements and asking:

Comparing our own society, modelled on patriarchal faith, with that of Neolithic Orkney does not show us up at all well. Just who is living in darkness.

Wild Hunt Blog: In his Jan 23 post, "Christian Military and Malicious Magic," Jason Pitzl-Waters blogs about the tactics of certain evangelical Christians that could be considered "black magic," and the work being done to counter them by the Military Religious Freedom Foundation. OTOH, his Jan 20 post, "Christian Clergy and Changing Attitudes" tells about a female Episcopal priest who has no problem with exploring other religious paths, including Wicca. Jason hopefully writes that this may indicate a change in attitudes in the larger mainstream Christian community.

Soul Bites Blog: Blogger M. Ashley shares her thinking on the term "Christo-Pagan," and whether she is one, in her Dec. 21 post, "A Path by Any Other Name."

Peeling a Pomegranate: Blogger Carly writes about the new name she was given as part of her Kohenet (Hebrew priestess) initiation, in her Jan. 14 post, "Ketzirah." In her Dec. 31 post, "Praying in the Feminine," she writes about deciding to have all prayers address Goddess in her Tu B’Shevat seder, a Jewish holiday around this time of year also known as "The New Year of the Trees."

Textual Arachne: On the full moon following Yule, Blogger Arachne puts her Yule resolution into action, expaining in her Jan. 22 post, "Yule resolutions," how her resolution relating to her blog is part of the Reclaiming idea of full moon "ceremonies." She goes on to ponder what her responsibilities and attitudes are "in a mostly Abrahamic environment."

Radical Goddess Thealogy: In her Jan. 12 post about a recent movie, "Ian McEwan, Atonement, & the Guiding Goddess" blogger Athana answers McEwan’s question about why, if religion is "stitched into human nature," so many people don’t believe in it?

Matters of Minutiae (previously called Raihndrops): In her Jan 23 post, "2.07pm - death and its complications" Blogger Lisa shares deep thoughts about death, brought on by both personal experiences and the death of Heath Ledger.

A Pagan Sojourn: Blogger S. Nichole's Dec 31 post, "Meaningful Religious Vocabulary in UU," is about the Unitarian Universalist struggle with religious language. This is included in our Buzz Coil because UUs are officially inclusive of Paganism (though some individual UU s don’t like it mosty because they don’t like rituals or personifying deity). The denomination has a subgroup called CUUPS (Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans). In the 1990s UU became Goddess-friendly, with two adult ed courses about Her, the most popular of which, "Cakes for the Queen of Heaven," brought many women to Goddess. S. Nicole doesn’t mention these things in her thought-provoking, scholarly post, but I thought I would.

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