Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Buzz Coil: February

Chess, Goddess and Everything reports in a Feb. 22 post: "Biblical Archeology Review Free Online" and quotes from an article by William G. Dever about an unearthed house shrine that appears to be related to the Goddess Asherah.

The-Goddess: In her Feb. 21 post, "The Goddess and inclusivity," blogger Morgaine responds to a comment she received suggesting that "the God" be included in a pledge proposed by Genevieve Vaughn .IMO, Morgaine’s response is spot-on.

The Village Witch: Kudos to the Asheville (NC) Citizen-Times newspaper for hosting this blog by Byron Ballard. In her Feb. 22 post, "If I’m not myself, who am I?" Ballard writes about a "Burning Times" Salon she attends to discuss the ramifications of the Euripean Inquisitions. She also writes about plans to go the Unitarian Univeralist Congregation in Asheville to bring the Kildare Flame. In her Feb. 24 post, "Today I went to Church," she tells what happened during the UU church visit.

Immanent Gorgon: Blogger The Gorgon’s Feb. 10 post, "Saying No As Many Times As Necessary," tells what she does when she feels herself weakening towards attending a church whose beliefs she no longer shares.

Panthea: In her Feb. 13 post, "Unmasking the Goddess and Me Part I," Blogger Grian shares a "conversation" she is having with the blogger at the not always Goddess-friendly, Unmasking the Goddess.

Women and Spirituality: This new blog has a number of different bloggers. One of them is Carol P. Christ, whose Goddess books and other writings are among the best. In her Feb. 20 post, "She Who Is All Holy," Christ writes about the Greek (Orthodox) "Panagaia."

Evoking the Goddess: "February has definitely been a month of change," Blogger Paul writes in his Feb. 21 post, "Present in the Present." No, he’s not talking about US politics. He’s writing about the weather where he lives in England. He goes on to discuss the relationship between Goddess and change and being "present in the present."

Wild Hunt Blog: In his Feb. 24 post, "Starhawk on Obama’s Magic," Jason Pitzl-Waters comments on Starhawk’s WaPo "On Faith" blogpost on Barack Obama’s "good and needed spell" along with her advice to Hillary Clinton. (BTW, take a look at the "tinyurl" above that came up for Starhawk's post--I'm sure it's just a coincidence ;-)

At Brigid’s Forge: Lunaea’s description of watching the lunar eclipse, in her Feb. 21 post, "Good Expectations," reminds me of the song lyrics, "you don’t always get what you want...but sometimes, you get what you need."

At the end of desire: Are frustration and anger part of a spiritual path? If so, what are their purposes? Read blogger Inanna’s Feb. 19 post, "Heal this," and see what you think.

Radical Goddess Thealogy: If you need a lift (or even if you’re already blissful) have a look at blogger Athana’s Feb. 24 post, "Happy Goddesses."

Branches Up, Roots Down:In her Feb. 12 post, "an attitude of gratitude, it’s not just a platitude," Deborah Oak writes that her "pledge to Brigid is already showing signs of working on me," and tells about the first public ritual she’s attended in years where she made the pledge. Her Feb. 20 post, "embracing paradox," is about incidents at this year’s Pantheacon.

Broomstick Chronicles Macha NightMare's Pantheacon posts span Feb. 19-25 (so far?) They include a description of a panel she put together and the appearance of the Besom Brigade. With pics and links to YouTube videos.

Peacock Dreams: In a Feb. 19 post, "Magic(k)" T. Thorne Coyle tells about her experience at Pantheacon this year, involving both change and pain.

Did we miss an item you think is important? We’d like to know about it, so please leave it as a comment.



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