Friday, April 18, 2008

Budapest Goddess Festival this June

You might want to make your travel plans now, so we don't want to wait until next month to let you know about the Goddess Festival in Budapest, Hungary on June 17-22. Szilvia Simon, organizer of the Festival writes:
According to legend, the sovereignty of Hungary was bequeathed by Istvan, the first king, to the Queen of Heaven in the person of the Virgin Mary. But for millennia, since Paleolithic times, the Goddess, by numberless names, was honoured here in the cauldron of the Carpathian Basin and on the banks of the Mother river, the Danube. For a long while, the land was divided between the Celts and the Scythians, each of whom called Her by different names. In our festival of 2008, we will be remembering these names and calling them back to heal us. We will call on Brigit to heal the inner child, on Epona to heal our sexuality, on Deae Matronae to heal the wounds of motherhood, on Tabiti to reclaim the fire of the amazon and Nemetona, Lady of Sacred Groves to heal our connection with the earth which has borne us. Come and join us, here in the very centre of Europe, where our distant ancestors lived, loved and died, to reclaim the continent for the Goddess who lives in us all and who is the very land itself!
Planned presenters at the Festival include: Alessandra Belloni, Anique Radiant Heart, Brian Charles, Jeannine Davis-Kimball Ph.D, Kathy Jones, Lydia Ruyle, Lynne Orhard, Mike Jones, Natasha Wardle, Hungarian musicians, priestesses and Goddess-loving wo/men. Planned ceremonies include: Opening, Bridie Healing, Red Veil, and Summer Solstice. Also planned: A Goddess Procession through the streets of Budapest to a "yoni-shaped" island in the Danube. For more information and to reserve a ticket, go to

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