Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Global Goddess Oracle: Spring Equinox Issue

The Spring Equinox issue of Global Goddess Oracle opens with a beautiful statement/invocation/guided meditation by Bendis, "Honoring This Place" that refers to "the Land, the Sky,...the Sea" as "our Holy Trinity." Bendis (also identified as Deanne Quarrie) contributes another major article, "Welcoming a Goddess," in which she tells how she gets to know a Goddess and gives instructions so you can do it too.

Wendy Knox Morton tells a touching and true holiday story in "The Easter Bunny?" about a single mother’s difficult choices and various types of "truth."

Do gerbils and goddesses share your computer? Barbara Ardinger, Ph.D., explores this issue in her article, "The Computer Goddesses," as she introduces several "found" computer goddesses and suggests invocations.

In "Which Came First? The Chicken or the Egg" Mama Donna Henes tells about the Spring Equinox as "the birth of the earth," with various egg mythologies.

Mat Danu in "Through the Maiden’s Eyes" teaches a game/ritual for groups to call in the Maiden for Spring.

Dawn "Belladonna" Thomas shares a "Solitary Vernal Equinox Ritual,"and also a book review of On Becoming An Alchemist by Catherine MacCoun, the "Herb of the Season: Jasmine" and "Moon Schedule from Ostara to Beltane."

Poetry in this issue includes "Blessing at this Time of Birth" by Bendis (with pics), "Ostara" by Mat Danu, and "Wave on Wave of the Sea Mare’s Rave" by Chris Carol.

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