Wednesday, April 02, 2008

RCGI Seasonal Salon: Spring Equinox Issue

I really enjoyed this issue of RCGI Seasonal Salon. Here's what's in it:

"Awakening Earth" by Debra Smith. Debra writes about her love for spring and even includes a recipe for Key Lime Pie (green, spring, get it?)

"A Forgotten Animal Spirit Guide" by Bellezza Squillace. Bellezza and her partner find a donkey sanctuary amazing and inspiring. Bellezza explains the four types of Animal Spirit Guides and lists qualities that make Donkey a spirit guide candidate.

"Rising Up" by Max Dashu tells about the relationship of spring to physiology and to Goddesses of various cultures.

"Up-Shifting Energetic Gears!" by Marisa Folse gives theories about energy shifts in 2008 affecting rituals, shamanic jounreys, astral travel, and distance healing. Marisa gives instructions on how to "up-shift" to the next energy stage.

"Nymphs" by Patricia Monaghan tells us about Greek nature spirits who are not always recognized as goddesses, and describes their categories.

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