Friday, June 27, 2008

Global Goddess Oracle: Summer Solstice 2008

This issue of Global Goddess Oracle begins with a poem "Savoring Summer Solstice" by Stephanie Rose Bird. Other poems in this issue include: "Dancing Hands" by Holly Cross, "Great Blue" (with pics) by Deanne Quarry (aka Bendis), and "The Great Duel" by Mary Lyons.

Anique Radiant Heart's article, "Memories of Malia, tells about her enounters with the grandmothers and Goddesses in Crete.

In her article "Visioning, Old School," H. Byron Ballard describes an intense vision she recently experienced about her spiritual community's future in Asheville NC.

Meet computer goddesses Whizziwig, her 27 daughters, and her consort Silicon Man, and learn how to invoke them in "Found Goddesses (Part 3)" by Barbara Ardinger PhD. If you don't laugh while reading this, maybe you're spending too much time online?

"Finding Love" by Gayle Goldwin is a message that, according to Goldwin, was "channeled from the Golden Circle of Ascended Feminine Masters...."

Rituals in this issue are "Solitary Ritual" honoring the Mother Goddess by Dawn "Belladonna" Thomas, and "Summer Solstice Group Ritual" by Bendis, a Dianic ritual honoring Goddess as Mother/Maker.

Dawn "Belladonna" Thomas has also contributed: "Herb of the Season, Midsummer," about Elderflower (sambucas nigra); "Moon Schedule from Litha to Lammas"; and book reviews of Spirit Herbs by Amy "Moonlady" Martin and What Witches Want by Laura Stamps.

Sapphire reviews Deanne Quarry's book, From the Branch: A Primer in Dianic Witchcraft.

Bohemian Wytche offers "Peace," her artwork with accompanying description.

Stephanie Rose Bird tells us how to prepare an oil for this time of year in "Summer Solstice Oil."

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