Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Global Goddess Oracle: First Harvest '08 Issue

This issue of Global Goddess Oracle opens with a light-spiritied invocation - or prayer - of thanks to "Mother of Harvest" by Mary Lyons.

In "Ask Your Mama," Mama Donna Henes responds to a question about the appropriate size of a ritual group.

Maria Yraceburu discusses Apache beliefs in "Basic Evolutional Traits" including the 1st World of Love, the 2nd World of Kinship, the 3rd World of Time, the 4th World of Soul Sickness, and the 5th World of Coming Together.

How'd you like to meet the Goddesses Dot Compot, Pornie, Nerdix, Compuquia, Pimpernella, and Cyberia? You'll find them in "Found Goddess - The Computer Goddesses," part of Barbara Ardinger Ph.D's continuing hilarious series.

Dawn "Belladona" Thomas' contributions to this issue include: "Herb of the Season - Oat," "Moon Schedule from Lammas to Mabon," and a review of the e-book, In Her Service: Reflections from a Priestess of Aphrodite by Laurelei Dabrielle.

"Women - This is What Your Life is For" is attributed to Gayle Goldwin. But Goldwin writes that it is channeled material from "the Golden Circle of Ascended Feminine Masters." Nice piece, but personally I think women should be allowed to decide for themselves what their "life is for."

This first harvest issue also includes "In Memorial: Denessa Smith, 8/25/1965 - 7/28/2008," a tribute to the founder to the Tempest Smith Foundation.

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