Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Palin & Religion

Concerns about the effect US Republican Veep candidate Sarah Palin’s religious affiliations might have on a McCain/Palin administration – or, even worse, should she ascend to the Presidency – are being expressed by many bloggers. The congregation of The Assembly of God church with which Palin is connected in Alaska is known to have beliefs connected with Christian Reconstructionism , "Third Wave" Christianity, and Dominionism. The latter takes its name from the exhortation in Genesis for "man" to have "dominion" over the Earth. According to some accounts , the Dominionists take this further, believing that God wants believers in (a certain type of?) Christianity to have dominion over people of other faiths, and has as one of its aims, establishing a Christian theocracy in the USA, with militarism and violence part of the picture. Let me say at the outset, that although it’s known that people in Palin's church advocate this and the other beliefs, what’s not known is to what extent Palin believes and acts on these. This would make an excellent question for a reporter to ask her – should the McCain campaign ever allow her to answer reporters’ questions.

There are at least two sets of beliefs adopted by Palin’s AoG church that readers of this blog might want to examine further. First, is the connection between Pastor Thomas Muthee , who, looking for the cause of a Kenyan village’s problems that included an increase in car crashes, pointed the finger at a woman in the village whom he accused of witchcraft, eventually causing the woman to flee for her safety. This is the aspect of Palin’s religious connections that has been most widely covered in the mainstream media. Palin credits Muthee's praying over her, with being largely responsible for her being elected Governor of Alaska. Palin has praised him for his "prayer" in which rather than ask God to help Palin win, Muthee tells God to clear the way for Sarah to come into political power. Update: An additional instance of Muthee praying to protect Palin from "witchcraft" was reported shortly after this post was written. See AP article linked below.

I'm not aware of there being much, if any MSM discussion about another set of beliefs, possibly because of their complexity. But I think this is of interest to readers of this blog. Dominionists/Christian Reconstructionists/"Third Wave" Christians conflate the "Queen of Heaven" against whom the prophet Jeremiah rails in the Hebrew scriptures, with "Diana" (aka "Isis") of Ephesus, and with Mary, Mother of Jesus (apparently because she was called "Queen of Heaven" extra-biblically by the Catholic church). All these they lump together as being demonic Diana, the enemy of Dominionist Christians.

Here are some links to more on all of this (which will lead you to even more....):

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At Thursday, September 25, 2008 10:03:00 AM, Blogger Bill Baar said...

No UUs get bothered by Obama's spiritual mentor Illinois State Senator Meeks very aggressive homophobia.

Having Church set up a Halloween fun house with Church members kids depicting Gays roasting in hell.

When has Palin's Church ever done anything that gross?

At Thursday, September 25, 2008 2:11:00 PM, Anonymous Thor said...

I don't understand the relevance of this comment. What does UU have to do with it? And this isn't a post comparing "spiritual mentors," nor is it a competition to see whose mentor has the more repulsive ideas. Two wrongs don't make a right. As for your last comment, I guess "gross" is in the eye of the beholder-- Intimidating, scaring the bejesus out of a woman by threats and expressing an ignorant attitude out of the 15th century is gross to me. I would be very concerned about Palin's attitude re: freedom of religion and religous expression. But we'll never know because they are afraid to let her answer press questions. Whereas Obama has always responded in a candid, open, and really educational way when questions have been raised about his "spiritual mentors." Kind of tells you something, doesn't it?


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