Tuesday, January 20, 2009

For Blessing Obama's Inauguration

Waning Moon Invocation

On the wings of the waning moon,
we see the spiral arms of our galaxy,
and you, Goddess, are there.
On the wings of the waning moon,
we sense the spiral within us,
and you, Goddess, are there.
In the smallest of particles, you shine.
In waves of light, you flow.
In the dying of the darkest hole,
you bear the spark of new life.

Slowly fading crescent,
Honored Crone of change
Ancient One of transition,
open our minds to your wisdom
and our hearts to your love.

Blessed be.

From Goddess Spirituality for the 21st Century copyright 1997 by Judith Laura. Used with permission.

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At Thursday, January 22, 2009 10:01:00 PM, Blogger d. oak said...

more fabulous poetry to bless this event! thank you!


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