Thursday, January 01, 2009

RCGI Seasonal Salon: Winter Solstice Issue

Three gems glow in The Winter Solstice Issue of the Re-Formed Congregation of the Goddess's Seasonal Salon:

In "The Importance of Being Fooled," Bellezza Squillance, an ordained RCGI priestess, tells how she gave a Tarot Fool card from a variety of decks to each participant in the group's 2008 Hallows ritual. Bellezza reveals what she said when bestowing these cards and invites you to look at several Fool cards that illustrate the article and pick one to guide you through the coming year. She also comments on the relationship of the Fool cards to the new U.S. Presidency and economic and social problems. Also included: some questions to help you understand the Fool's guidance.

"Kashmiri Goddess Myths" by Patricia Monaghan shares 2 Kashmiri myths, one about a girl who left home due to her brother's incestuous desires, the other about the mountaintop Goddess, Vais no Devi.

In "Power of Images, Power of Names," Max Dashu recalls childhood play and crafts that appeared to contain "archaic" Goddess knowledge of which the girls were not consciously aware. Reflecting on the experience, Max asks, "What cultural foundations do we stand on, we who revere Goddess?" Her answer is inspiring and thought-provoking.

She ends this intriguing article by nominating women for a list of spiritual leaders and invites you to email her names to add to the list.

What a great way to begin the new year!

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