Thursday, March 19, 2009

Goddess Pages, Issue 10, Spring 2009

In addition to the wonderful content of the Spring Issue of Goddess Pages , you might want to see if there’s anything you missed from previous issues, especially in the premium content. All articles, up to and including the Spring 2008 issue , that were marked * , meaning premium and requiring a fee, are now available free (see list of back issues on left side of page). The Spring 2009 issue opens with art by Helena Nelson-Reed, "Brighid Walks the Land."

You can read the entire content of the following articles online:
"Being an upside down witch" by Serene Conneeley. Serene, an Australian, says she’s met "a surprising number of people from the US and UK" who don’t realize that the seasons vary between the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. (C’mon Yanks and Brits, I slept through some geography classes too, but this is ridiculous! The Earth is Round, remember? Equator...North Pole...South Pole...) Serene says she doesn’t know of a single Southern Hemisphere witch who "follows the northern model" of calendar month dates for sabbats, and explains how they time and celebrate their holidays.
"Beowulf, the Goddess and a can of wyrms" by Geraldine Charles. Starting with a Woody Allen quote, Geraldine reads "behind language" of Beowulf to reveal the relationship between Grendel’s mother and goddesses. A fascinating, expansive article!
"The Garden Goddesses" by Rita Lewis, explores Goddess presence in spring (along with a few masculine helper plants), with special focus on Lady’s Mantle.
"Raising the Roof-or-is it Time for Revolution Yet? by Jeri Studebaker. This article by the author of the recently published book, Switching to Goddess has a surprise starting statement so I’ll just say that Geri conclusively makes the case for the connection between social and political constructs and who ,or what, and how we worship.
"The Brighton Goddess Temple: Reflections and Introductions" Six members of one of the new Goddess temples in England introduce themselves and their Temple.

There are also shorter articles about the following groups:
Heart of the Dragon
Wiccan Educational Society

Poems this month are: "Herne" by Jacqui Woodward-Smith; and "Rebirth" and "Tenacity," by Doreen Hopwood.

This month’s premium articles:
* "Blood Mysteries by Susun S. Weed
* "Freyja, Great Goddess of the Northlands," by Thorskegga Thorn
* "The Journey of the Soul into the Mother and my response to the Dalai Lama’s assertion that sex spells trouble," by Janie "Oquawka" Rezner
* "A meditation on the Import and Export of God/desses into foreign lands" by Tiziana Stupia
* "Some Goddesses and Ideas for Spring" by Barbara Ardinger



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