Tuesday, April 14, 2009

RCGI Seasonal Salon: Spring Issue

The spring issue of RCGI’s e-journal, Seasonal Salon has 3 articles and 1 poem.

"The Children," an article by Jade River, co-founder of the Re-Formed Congregation of the Goddess, International (RCGI), looks back on the early days of the women’s spirituality movement and also looks at questions we still may be pondering today, such as how – or whether – to introduce children to Goddess and/or Witchcraft. Does a child have to be special – have to be "called" – for you to educate them in these traditions? Or is Goddess for all children?

"In Praise of Faith," by Max Dashu, founder of the Suppressed History Archives, discusses how faith not based on dogma or doctrine and not used in the way Bush and the Christian fundamentalist used the word, can anchor you in times of fear and doubt. What type of faith is this? To find out, go read the article, which also tells you how to activate this type of faith.

The poem, "Ostara’s Litany," by Susan Swope seems to go well with Dashu’s article.

"All Acts of Love and Pleasure: Feminist Astrology" by Bellezza Squillance, focuses on natal chart Venus and takes a look at transit charts. I had trouble seeing what was feminist about the point of view expressed in this article. Read it for some good, beginning level traditional astrology info.



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