Thursday, May 28, 2009

Buzz Coil: May '09

Panthea - All Things Are Goddess: We are delighted to see that Panthea (Lee Hutchings) is back! She explains her blog’s recent absence in an April 23 post, "Panthea Returns" . She tells of the role of Kali and Persephone in the ending of her marriage a few months ago in an April 26 post, "Changes and Life Reflections" and, on the same day, follows this post with a beautiful series of photos under the title, "Spring Photo Blogging."

Driving Audhumla: In an May 10 post, "Yesterday at Festival," Victoria Slind-Flor shares the full speech she gave as part of her "Keeper of the Light" responsibilities at the Pagan Pride Festival in Berkeley.

Evoking the Goddess: Congrats to Paul, whose first grandchild, a girl, was born on Earth Day. Paul offers a special prayer to the Goddess Bride for this blessing in his April 22 post,
"New Life." Paul, who lives in England, blogs about the Irish Catholic child abuse report and other UK current events in his May 21 post, "Wise words from my parents."

The House of Inanna: The blogger formerly known as Brian is now blogging under the name "Idris." He explains why in his May 10 post, "A Major Change." Idris, who is originally from Britain and now lives in Hungary, gives his opinion on the report about the Catholic Church in Ireland, including an incident not included in the report, in his May 20 post, "A Long Overdue and incomplete report..."

Hecate: Blogger Hecate, an American, has been running a series of excerpts from Ireland’s report on the Roman Catholic Church abuse of children. The series begins on May 20 with a post titled,
"Ireland Should Have Kept the Snakes And Kicked Out That Nasty Patrick Person."

Full Circle News Blogger Sia, in a May 24 post, "Returning: Looking for the goddess in Malta and the new film ‘Agora’" has links to the You Tube video "The Goddess Temple of Malta," and refers to reviews (including Jason Pitzl Waters’--see below) of the new movie on the subject, "Agora," about the life of Hypatia. Includes link to movie trailer. Sia also mentions the music CD "Returning" by Jennifer Berezan, which I own and find profoundly moving and use in ritual.

The Wild Hunt: Jason Pitzl-Waters writes about
"The Post-Cannes Reaction to ‘Agora’." His May 27 post, "The Coredemptrix Dog Whistle?" examines the possibilty of the Roman Catholic Church making Mary (mother of Jesus) a co-redemptrix and mediatrix.

Radical Goddess Thealogy: In her May 3 post,
"Praying to Goddess," blogger Athana publishes a question from a friend about how or if Goddessians pray. Don’t miss the answers in the comments already there. Perhaps you have something to add?

Read this and weep: In her May 21 post,
"Word Association~5 Word Meme" takes on the challenge of a 5-word meme given to her by a friend. The words she writes on are Goddess, Feminism, Family, Writing, Weaving.

Amused Grace: In her May 19 post,
"Unfinished Business," Thalia Took shares what she calls an unfinished portrait of Skaoi, which she began as a fulfillment of a vow she made on a ski slope to this Norse Goddess of Winter.

The Village Witch: In her May 7 Asheville (NC) Citizen-Times blog post, "Fluffy Bunny," Byron Ballard writes that when people call her that, she laughs. She then reflects on abusive teachers and the role of "teachers" in various spiritual paths.

Daily Kos: Tara the Antisocial Social Worker continues her Wednesday series on Goddess spirituality and political activism, "How a Woman becomes a Goddess," in which she combines the myths of various goddesses with socio-political issues. Her May 27 diary is about Psyche, whom she relates to when thinking about California’s Prop 8. Her May 20 diary focuses on Sarasvati, whom she calls the Hindu Goddess of Words, and explores the role of words in various spiritual traditions as well as in a memoir, part of which forms the basis for the movie, Hotel Rwanda. Her May 6 diary is about "Nzambl," whom she calls the Congolese Earth Mother, and the current U.S. political concept of "exceptionalism." These and other previous diaries in this remarkable series can be found here.



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