Monday, June 22, 2009

Goddess Pages: Summer 2009 Issue

Goddess Pages is now available both online and in print (from UK). Some of the online articles are marked with an *, indicating "premium" content for which you must pay a fee. However, all articles, up to and including the Spring 2008 issue, that were marked * are now available free (see Goddess Pages Archives).

In this Summer issue, Goddess Pages introduces a new free feature, "Readers Letters" (aka "An Open Exchange of Letters,"), which in this issue contains a discussion between Tiziana Stupia and Jeri Studebaker about Studebaker’s previous article "Raising the Roof."

The opening art of this issue is "Queen of Owls" by Tiana. You can read the entire content of the following articles in this issue free online:

"Breathing Goddess: Visions of Burnmoor" - A Sacred Site of Cumbria" by Alex Chaloner. In Lakeland Fells (English Lake District), more specifically in the valley of Eskdale, at a site called Burnmoor, is a series of stone circles. Chaloner writes about several visits there, including her most intense visit last January, when her "inner eye" saw "hundreds of ancient figures," men, women and children "with brilliant eyes." She further describes what she feels was a vision of the people who once inhabited this place.

"Desire for Enlightenment and the Feminine in Early Buddhist Myth," by Andre Zsigmond begins by referring to the "Song of Songs" and then moves into a discussion of het sexuality in Buddhism, especially Tantra, as well as what Zsigmond calls the Dalai Lama’s misleading comments on the meaning of "om mani padme hum." He describes how Buddhism got from affirming sexuality to considering it a hindrance. With a fascinating comparison of the mythologies surrounding the births of Jesus and the Buddha, plus an etymological analysis of "Lama," revealing its true meaning.

"Thoughts on Sacred Sexuality, Non-Attachment, and Renunciation" by Tiziana Stupia presents a discussion of the meaning of "non-attachment," especially in Buddhism, written in response to Janie Rezner’s article, "Journey to the Soul of the Mother" in the Spring 2009 issue.

"Glastonbury Goddess Conference 2009 - A Preview," by Geraldine Charles. What to expect if you're lucky enough to attend the upcoming conference.

Poetry includes: "Bloody Everything," by Anne Baker, "Dressing the Bride," by Geraldine Charles, "Goddess Wind in Greece" by Maria Duncalf-Barber, and "Mincing Round the Maypole," by Jacqui Woodward-Smith.

Reviews (of books, unless otherwise specified) include: Switching to Goddess by Jeri Lyn Studebaker, reviewed by Geraldine Charles (and which we reviewed here, if you like to compare); 14 Steps to Awaken the Sacred Feminine: Women in the Circle of Mary Magdalene by Joan Norton and Margaret Starbird, reviewed by Miriam Raven; Heart of the Dragon -DVD & CD, reviewed by Geraldine Charles.

Premium" (pay-for) articles include:
"Feminine Mysticism in Art" by Victoria Christian, "Herbs for Hags" by Susan Weed, and "Moon and Sun/Earth Calendars by Sheila Rose Bright.



At Monday, September 26, 2011 12:48:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi there,
the poem Bloody Everything was wrongly attributed to Ruth Dormandy in Goddess Pages. It should be attributed to Anne Baker. Goddess pages has been updates and we would be very grateful if you could update your blog as this has already caused considerable distress, and still appears in google searches.
Thanks you.

At Monday, September 26, 2011 12:53:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bloody Everything is incorrectly attributed to Ruth Dormandy. It has been corrected in Goddess Pages but we would be very grateful if you could correct it on your blog as the miss-attribution has already caused much distress. The poem should be attributed to Anne Baker.


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