Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Matrifocus: Lammas Issue '09

The lunar Lammas issue of Matrifocus opens with a photo by Falcon River called "Gaia’s Children." This month’s editorial by Sage Starwalker is "Goddess 2.0" Goddess Movement Beyond the Baby Boom," in which she tries to answer the question: "What can we do to make sure that he Goddess movement lives beyond our generation?"

Articles are:

"Tanit of Carthage" by Johanna Stuckey, with great pics. Stuckey traces the history of a temple in Malta that has been home to Astarte, Tanit, Juno, Hera, and ultimately Virgin Mary. She tell us about the many mysteries of Tanit and their relationship to other Ancient Near Eastern goddesses. Included are hints from a sea treasure found in 1971 off the coast of Israel and dated to the 5th Century BCE.

"Ancient Festival Embraces a Modern Miracle" by Vicki Noble, also with great pics. Subtitled "How Santa Gemma Spared the Village of Goriano Sicoli from Earthquake Damage in April 2009," the article tells how Noble and a friend made plans to visit the Italian village during May when the women gather in a special house to bake bread and the town celebrates "the return of the Maiden to the Mother" in spring. However an earthquake occurred in the region in April, causing modifications to the festival—and also another in a long history of miracles credited to Santa Gemma.

"Light My Fire with Banana Briquettes" by Mary Swander. How to make sure everything from your garden is used, plus the recycling of banana peels.

"Trees" by Nancy Vedder-Shults. How to divine with trees.
"Finding a Niche" by Madelon Wise. The author "discovers" a place for herself through permaculture.

"Tlaltechutli: The Jaws of Life and Death" by Anne Key. All about the Aztec Earth Goddess, in birth giving-posture, who has knives for teeth and clawed hands and feet. Yes—with pics!

"Why are Women Attracted to Goddess Feminism?" by Giselle Vincett. Why wouldn’t they be, is what I would ask. But Vincett is more an academic than I (I’m learning, though...). Why, she asks, are women deserting traditional Christianity at a faster rate than men? And why are women "the majority of adherents in both traditional Christianity and alternative spiritualtities?" She then offers a methodical, scholarly, and detached view of Goddess feminists.

"Frolicking with Fairies" by Susun Weed. Tips on living in a tipi and contacting fairies and plants.

This issue’s poetry includes: "Peachwood Drama" by Sharda, and "Silence pt 18" and Silence pt 19" by Sandi Strehlau.

This issue’s Photo Essay is "Summer Fruit" by Kate Clapper.

This is my last post as an official member of the Medusa Coils team–-at least for now. I am entering a crucial phase of my graduate work and need to focus on that. It’s been great blogging with Medusa, and with you! Blessings to all!



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