Saturday, August 29, 2009

RCG-I Seasonal Salon: Summer '09 Issue

The articles in the Re-Formed Congregation of the Goddess International's summer solstice issue of Seasonal Salon include:

"Approaches to the Study of Goddess Myths and Images" by Patricia Monaghan. This the first part of a four-part series about pioneers in the Goddess Studies field, beginning 150 years ago. It takes a look at the roles of biases such as gender, class, and religious background in early Goddess studies, and then examines the work of Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Jane Ellen Harrison, Lady Augusta Gregory, and Margaret Murray. Judging from this first installment, this looks like an important series!

"By Choice or Chance: Advance Health Directives" by Bellezza Squillace, who writes that she was taken by surprise by a health problem recently which caused her to examine the role of the recipient of healing, and ultimately the importance of having an advanced directive for her health care options. This article includes a link to state-by-state regulations impacting such directives in the U.S.

"Shamanic Healing Crystals," by Marisa Folse, advises that "for each person Stones work differently" and suggests nine stones (with pics) for our consideration.

There is also a piece of short fiction, "Return of the Guard," by Kip Parker, that tells a story that begins in 3786 BCE and continues through the present.



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