Saturday, December 26, 2009

Buzz Coil: Dec. '09

A look at some posts of interest from our blogroll and beyond:

Radical Goddess Thealogy: In her Dec. 3 post, "Ancient Goddesses Score Big," blogger Athana respond to a New York Times article that claims the current exhibit at NYU is "rescuing from obscurity" the "little known" goddess culture of Old Europe.

Women at the Parliament: In a post posted Dec. 20, "Another Report from the Parliament," and dated within the text as Dec 7, Meredith Tenney reports on a Dec. 4 event at the Parliament of World Religions. Called "A Creative Expression of the Sacred Feminine, " the program included Sikh traditions and Kali; The Celtic Goddess Brigid; the Jewish Shekinah; and others. The program ended with group singing of "We all come from the Mother" apparently a slight variation on Z Budapest’s "We All Come from the Goddess."

COG Reports: Don Frew of the Covenant of the Goddess (COG) posts a report on Dec. 12 entitled, "Monday Dec 7, 9:30am at the 2009 Parliament in Melbourne—The Australians Speak". He gives an account of panel presentations by She’ D’Montford, who stripped off a stereotypical witch outfit to make a point; Glenys Livingstone , who spoke on the difficulties of dealing with Euro-centric material; Gede Parma, a young elder; Fabienne Morganna, a Justice of the Peace; and Linda Ward, an interfaith representative for the Pagan Awareness Network.

Pagan Godspell: In her Dec. 17 post, "Great Kerfuffalo Rising," blogger Sara Ruby offers her opinion on the post-Parliament controversy about whether to redefine various paths now usually called "Pagan."

Hecate: Under a pic of a martini, in her Dec. 21 post, "Oh, Not Again. Wasn’t She Just Out Here in The Summer Thunderstorm?", blogger Hecate writes a touching and at times funny post of how she spent this snowy day.

Amused Grace: Thalia Took presents an unusual story about birth and the power of song in her Dec. 20 post, "A Tale of Fire and Ice."

Alive Mind and Spirit: Another post about the power of song, "Spirit of Peace" posted by Carol P. Christ on Dec. 11, has political ramifications.

Dirt Worship: In her Dec. 21 post, "Winter Solstice, 2009," Starhawk tells how the symbolism of this season can help us rebirth Hope despite dispiriting political events.

Gnosis Café: In her Dec. 21 post, Anne Hill writes of "Getting Ready..." for the holidays (with pic of Anne’s family’s decorated tree next to an altar) plus an account of a Solstice dinner party with some (fairly well-known) Pagan friends—and a dream Anne hopes is predictive.

Mary Magdalene Within: In her Dec. 13 post, "The Tension in the Manger, " Joan Norton compares the pregnancies of Virgin Mary and Mary Magdalene, and discusses the tension between anxiety and hope both in pregnancy and "in the dark side of the year." In her Dec. 20 post, "The Alabaster Jar at Christmastime," she asks for a Photoshopped pic of MM "with her jar-cauldron-vessel" looking "big enough to stir"; she weaves a discussion of Goddess symbolism into this post.

My Internet Goddess Blog: In a Dec. 25 post, an unnamed blogger (or name I couldn't find) asks "What do you think about the Jesus story having similarities to Horus of Egyptian Mythology?" and lists 46 similarities between the two stories. Fascinating--I just wish she had included some references for the Horus material.

Walking on Fire: Blogger Myfanwy relates the observance and linguistic similarities of Winter Solstice (Yule, etc) to the "witches calendar," the Jewish calendar, and the Celtic tree calendar, in her Dec. 13 (Shamash 28) post, "One Light—Lighting the Coel Coeth."

Goddess in a Teapot: Carolyn Lee Boyd writes about getting used to walking a dark road at night in her Dec. 13 post, "Walking into the Embrace of Night."

Evoking the Goddess: In his Dec. 15 post, "Solas," blogger Paul shares his winter thoughts, which include his connection with the Goddess Temple, and the outcome of the recent Copenhagen conference on global warming.

The Village Witch: In her Dec. 13 blog, "The Office," in the Asheville (NC) Citizen-Times, Byron Ballard reports on the first circle meeting in the Asheville Mother Grove’s new office.

A Weblog for Our Mother God: Do you know the difference between Deanism (no, not Howard Dean, not James Dean) and Filianism? If not you might want to read "With or Without the Daughter," a post written within the last month but undated and unsigned.

Did we miss an item you think is important? We’d like to know about it, so please leave it as a comment.



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